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How to Fix Modern Warfare 2 or Battle.Net Error Code: BLZBNTAGT00000870


If you are having trouble with your Blizzard account or games, you may see the error code BLZBNTAGT00000870. This error may be caused by a problem with your software clash, a third-party program, or your network connection. To fix this error, try the following steps. In this article, we’ll explain the Modern Warfare 2 or Battle.Net Error Code: BLZBNTAGT00000870 and how you can fix it. We’ll also provide a step-by-step guide on troubleshooting this error so that you can get back to playing your game as soon as possible.

Fix Battle.Net Error Code: BLZBNTAGT00000870

The  Modern Warfare 2 or Battle.Net Error Code: BLZBNTAGT00000870 is an error caused by several things. An issue usually causes this error with the clash of game permissions, a problem with your firewall, or a problem with the game files. If you are experiencing this error, there are a few things you can try to fix. 

Launch the game from the desktop shortcut

When encountering this particular error, you can try launching the game from the desktop shortcut directly without invoking the battle net launcher. This tactic has been confirmed by many to work in favor of fixing this particular issue.

Run the game with administrator privileges

It could occasionally malfunction if the game cannot be started in admin mode with all essential services. You might also try starting the game with administrative permissions to see if that helps. On your PC, right-click the game shortcut.

After choosing Properties, pick Compatibility. “Run this software as an administrator?” should be checked. Click Ok after choosing Apply.

Give appropriate permissions

The issue is often spawned when the app cannot change your system because of denial of permissions. The permission settings of your operating system prevented you from using the Blizzard desktop program. To continue, you must let the Blizzard desktop software make modifications.

Enter your administrator password in the notice window, if needed, when the Blizzard desktop software wants to make a change, and then click OK.

Delete Temporary Files

Attempting to delete the temporary files from your desktop could work. When you reopen files, Windows automatically saves data in temporary files to speed up browsing. These temporary files are pointless and might be clogging up your hard drive. Take the following actions to delete your temporary files.

  • Press Win+R on your desktop.
  • In the run command box that opens, type %tmp% and hit Enter.
  • The temporary files on the PC will all show up; choose them all.
  • At this point, press shift+del and enter. All temporary files will, after that, be deleted from your computer.

You should follow the steps in this article to fix the BLZBNTAGT00000870 error code. First, give appropriate permissions for the game to run properly. Check for updates for your game and install them if necessary. Next, clear other temporary files and try relaunching the game. Finally, contact customer support for assistance if you are still experiencing the error. The BLZBNTAGT00000870 error code is a system error code that indicates the system is unable to run the software properly. That’s all for this error guide; see you in the next one.

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