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Fix Error BLZBNTAGT00000960 While Updating

Fix Error BLZBNTAGT00000960 While Updating

Warzone Pacific’s launch has been riddled with issues particularly for users on the console and Xbox users more so. For a lot of players, the game is still unplayable after the close of two weeks since the launch of the Caldera map. The most reported problems with the game is texture problem, Goldflake error, and the recent dev error 5476. A recent error that’s emerged after players tried to download the latest update is the Error BLZBNTAGT00000960. With this error, the game falls in a restart loop and always looks for an update, only the update is never successful and you get the error in the title. If you have run into this issue either with Warzone, Cold War, or Vanguard, there are some things you can do to fix the problem. Error BLZBNTAGT00000960 Fix

The Error BLZBNTAGT00000960 could be related to another issue with the game where the game’s stuck in the restart loop, only the error code varies. In that case, it’s a fatal error where the message requires you to scan and repair. Here is the best fix that can break the restart loop, allow you to update the game, and continue playing.

Delete Data Files with Size 1KB

This fix works mostly when you are stuck in the scan and repair loop and the game won’t update, but it should work in this case as well (if you have data files with size 0 KB or 1 KB). Browse to the game folder. Here is the path you can follow. Click on the Gear icon next to Update or Play > select Show in Explorer > open Call of Duty Modern Warfare folder > open Data folder > open second ‘data’ folder > delete all the data files that are 0 KB or 1KB size.

Once you have done the above, close Battle.Net and its related tasks from the Task Manager. Then, scan and repair or update the game and it should work without the fatal error.   

At the time of writing, this is the best fix for the Error BLZBNTAGT00000960. In case the above fix does not work, let us know and we will keep an eye on the issue and update the post as new info becomes available.

Rachel Zang
Rachel is a student at Donghua University, Shanghai. She has been playing video games and participating in forums for over a decade. Something she credits her English language skills to. For the past 8 months, she has been a contributing writer with QM Games. While her choice of games is diverse, she's particularly interested in JRPGs.


    1. hi
      The problem was fixed for me, when i move the MW folder from documents. Or you can delete it. I did this while battlenet was closed.

    2. I tried everything you mentioned even watched a youtube video on this exact step and it still does not work. Please help

    3. I just want to play modern warfare’s campaign….

    4. I have had this issue for a while now I recently uninstalled the game to see if that would fix it and it still has the issue

    5. I have done the procedure and it did not work for me

      1. A very important step is missing here.. After you close, open Task Manager and close anything to do with the update agent stays open even after closing the launcher. After doing that, the launcher finally starts downloading the files.

        1. Thank you for pointing it out. We have updated the post.

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