How to Fix Error Code BLZBNTAGT000008FC

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4 Min Read is one of the popular online gaming platforms launched in 1996. Most popular titles of Blizzard are released on on which players can easily find matches and interact with other gamers. Although this platform is very well designed, bugs like BLZBNTBNA00000015 or BLZBNTAGT00000960 are negatively affecting the overall gaming experience for some players. In addition to these issues, lately, many players are running into an error code BLZBNTAGT000008FC. The exact error is “Whoops! Looks like something broke. We’ll try to fix it, so please try again later. Error Code BLZBNTAGT000008FC”. 

Because of this error, players are unable to log in. There could be multiple reasons for this error to occur including your antivirus program or some server-side issues. Thankfully, there are a few potential methods you can try to fix error code BLZBNTAGT000008FC.

Fixing Error Code BLZBNTAGT000008FC

It seems this particular error code BLZBNTAGT000008FC triggers when players attempt to launch Overwatch 2, Hearthstone, and other games. Gratefully, you can fix this problem with some simple and quick workarounds suggested by the Blizzard team.  

Well, before you start the following troubleshooting steps, first of all, make sure the Blizzard server is up and running fine. In case, it is down due to regular maintenance or outage, it can throw different error messages including BLZBNTAGT000008FC.  

1. Restart your PC

The first method is to simply restart your PC to resolve the error. If the issue was caused by some services or programs running in the background, restart the PC, and it will be fixed.

2. Reset the WMI Repository

One of the reasons why this error is appearing is due to failed WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) service. If that is the case, reset the WMI repository to fix the problem. To do so:

Open up the Windows Search and run “cmd” and then enter the following commands and press enter

– net stop winmgmt

– winmgmt /resetrepository

– net start winmgmt

Once done, restart your PC and check – The error code BLZBNTAGT000008FC in should be fixed now.

3. Temporary Disable or Uninstall Antivirus Security Programs

In case your login module is mistakenly identified as a security threat, you encounter this error code while logging in to For this:

Go to Windows Security >> Virus and threat protection >> Virus and threat protection settings >> Manage settings >> Real-time protection >> Off.

4. Uninstall and Reinstall App

At times, you see errors due to some launcher issues and so if the above methods don’t help, try to uninstall and reinstall the app and then check if the error persists.

5. Contact the Blizzard Support Team: 

If everything fails, your last option is to contact the Blizzard support team for further assistance.  

That’s all for this guide. Hopefully, one of these methods will help you resolve error code BLZBNTAGT000008FC.

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