How to Find Village in Minecraft

 How to Find Village in Minecraft

Minecraft is almost unparalleled in the sandbox games genre because it has run successfully for over a decade, and to date, the popularity of Minecraft is enormous. So, if you are a Minecraft Fan, you are already aware that Minecraft is pretty merciless, and players need to arrange everything for their survival. So, when you first start, the villages are one of the main locations you need to find; even after you have progressed through the game, you still need Village for a few reasons. So, this guide will help you know how you can find Village in Minecraft.

Minecraft Village Guide- Where to Find Them?

In Minecraft, Villages are one of the most essential locations to gather resources. When you first spawn in a world, you have nothing to survive, but enemies are all there. Especially if it is night, you’ll get lots of mobs like Zombies, Creeper, Spider, etc., to kill you, but until you sleep, the night won’t end. So, you need a village where you can get a bed to sleep. Additionally, villages have chests that will give you food items and other required things you need to survive in Minecraft.

However, villages spawn randomly in Minecraft world. If you are lucky, you’ll spawn near a village; otherwise, you have to search for villages. Sometimes finding villages in Minecraft becomes a significant problem. However, if you want to find it in Survival Mode without cheating, you must visit every biome of your world and search each inch to find a Village. Villages spawn in every Biome like- Snow Biome, Desert Biome, Jungle Biomes, Savanna, Meadows, etc. This process is much more challenging and based on luck. If your luck is not favorable, you have to search long for villages.

Minecraft Village Guide- Where to Find Them

Now, if you are all right to use some cheating methods. You can either go to the Creative Mode and search for villages or use the ‘/locate village’ command (if the command exists in your edition) to find the closest village. The coordinate of the village and how many blocks you need to go to find it will appear on the screen. You can even use the teleport command to instantly teleport yourself to the village coordinates.

Villages are the primary source of villagers, food items, Iron Golem, beds, and many other things you need to create your own village or town. Until you make a good shelter and have some resources to survive on your own, you can stay in the village and use the resources villagers prepare.

That’s all you need to know about how to find villages in Minecraft.


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