How to Get Pets in Minecraft Dungeon

How to Get Pets in Minecraft Dungeon

Gears and artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons offer you a range of enchantments and unique abilities. The Weakening enchantment allows you to reduce the damage ability of enemy attack, you can summon lighting to hit the enemy, or heal the damage you have taken, and much more. But, sometimes that is not enough and you require an extra hand to help you out in fights against mobs. That’s where pets come into picture.

Pets are unplayable characters in the game you can summon through specific artifacts. The pets or companions follow you around in the game and attack nearby enemies. In this guide, we will tell you everything about how to get pets in Minecraft Dungeons.

What are Pets in Minecraft Dungeons?

As mentioned, pets are unplayable characters. They do not follow your command and have a mind of their own. However, when summoned, they will follow you around the dungeons and attack voraciously any enemy or boss you encounter. You can also use the pet to create a barrier between you and the boss such as when the Enderman teleports near you.

Specific armors and artifacts allow you to poses pets in the game such as the Spelunker Armor grants you the bat. This pet follows you around the game flying near you and goes out of means to attack enemies. Although the bat does not do much damage, it’s a welcome distraction for enemies when you are trying to fight large mobs such as Evoker or others.

You can also get the Chicken pet by buying the Hero Edition of the game. Besides the armour, artifacts allow you the ability to summon pets. The Tasty Bone artifact allows you to summon wolf. Similar to the Bat, the Wolf also follows you and attacks enemies. The Golem Kit is another item that lets you summon the Iron Golem pet on your side. Apart from attacking enemies that cross your way, the Iron Golem can even tank damage for you. You can get these artifacts during your run of various levels and secret missions like the Creepy Crypt and Arch Haven.

Always keep an eye on the Minecraft Dungeons map so you don’t miss any opportunity to grab extra drop and artifacts.

The health bar of all the pets can be seen above their head. And if a pet has taken too much damage which has dropped the health to zero, you can always resummons them. You will have to click on the artifact again to resummons the pet after its health decreases to zero. But, the pet will only come back after its cooldown. For the Wolf and Iron Golem, the cooldown time is 30 seconds.

After the cooldown time, the pet will return to your side ready to aid in your battles.

That brings us to the end of this guide. Needless to say, pets can play a crucial role in your fight against mobs. We hope by now you know how to get pets in Minecraft Dungeons. As we come across more pets in the game we will update this post. So explore the dungeons and look for artifacts that grant you pets.

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