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How to Drop Quickly and Land Faster in Hyper Scape

How to Drop Quickly and Land Faster in Hyper Scape

Dropping from the sky has become a tradition to enter matches in battle royale games and Hyper Scape is no exception, but there is a futuristic touch to how you enter matches. You launch into the game in pods that open when you are about to hit ground. Reaching the ground quickly gives you just the extra edge to grab your favorite weapons and set up ambush for contenders that land later in the game. So, can you land faster? In this guide, we will show you how to drop quickly and land faster in Hyper Scape.

How to Drop Quickly and Land Faster in Hyper Scape

Like all battle royale games, you can maneuver the direction of the drop and choose the exact location where you want to land. In Hyper Scape, the map is vast and would require some getting used to in order to identify the best spots in the game for loot. The deployment phase is important because it makes all the difference, if you land in an area with a lot of players, the competition will be taught for weapons and hacks, also the likelihood of being eliminated increases. But, if you know how to speed up the drop and land faster, you will have an edge. Not only can you get the best weapons, but make rapid eliminations as well.

Speeding up the drop and landing is quite simple in Hyper Scape. As you are dropping hold down the forward key – ‘W’ for PC. Just head straight down by pressing forward on PC or console instead of maneuvering here and there and this would increase your fall speed.

For some tactical reasons, if you want to slow your landing you can also do that in the game. You simply have to press the backward or the ‘S’ key on PC and this would slow the drop. Delaying the drop works when there are lot of enemies in an area and you want to maneuver somewhere else or wait until they clear out.

So, now you know how to drop faster or slower in Hyper Scape for tactical advantage.           

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