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How to Change Language in Hyper Scape

How important is the language in Hyper Scape or any other game? Pretty important I assume as you will not know much of the things happening if it’s in a foreign language. And you don’t have the option to translate like the web. Hyper Scape is a great game, but when it’s in your native language it’s even better. The game provides you the option to have the audio in a range of native languages  This year we saw the release of two great battle royale titles, the other is Valorant. So, if you are wondering how to change language of Hyper Scape, stick around and we will show you. For Valorant language change, check our other guide.

How to Change Language Options in Hyper Scape

It understandable, the game may not support all the languages in the world, but it does support quite a number of major ones. In total, the game supports fourteen languages. Some off the major languages supported by the game include English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, and a bunch of other options.

From the languages supported, it seems Ubisoft has only extended support for countries where it assumes the game will be most popular. Here are the steps you have to follow to change the audio language in Hyper Scape.

  1. Launch Uplay and go to the Games tab
  2. Click on Hyper Scape from the list of games
  3. Scroll down the menu under the game and select Properties
  4. Under General, select the preferred language
  5. Launch the game
Language Options in Hyper Scape

Now, you will start to notice the cutscene audio and other game audio in your native language. Hyper Scape is rapidly becoming one of the most popular battle royale games besides Warzone, Valorant, and Fall Guys. Enjoy the game check out our other guides.        

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