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Fix Hyper Scape No Compatible Driver/Hardware Found

Have you encountered the Hyper Scape Error “No Compatible Driver/Hardware Found?” This error has been occurring with the game ever since the technical test and the subsequent open beta. The error occurs when the Vulkan Graphics API fails to load due to outdated or corrupted graphics card drivers. Nvidia has recently released the Vulkan driver to better support the games that use the particular API. To fix the No Compatible Driver error in Hyper Scape you must download this driver.

Here is a link to Nvidia Vulkan Driver. Download and install the driver, restart the system and try playing Hyper Scape, the problem should be resolved. If not, there are some other solutions you can try.

Hyper Scape | How to Fix No Compatible Driver/Hardware Found

We have two other posts that talks about two different errors in Hyper Scape, but are related to the Vulkan-1 dll missing or the Vulkan API initialization problem. You can check those post for more info.

If even after the Vulkan driver update, the Hyper Scape No Compatible Driver/Hardware Found error persists, you need to ensure your graphics card meets the minimum system requirements i.e. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (2 GB), AMD Radeon HD 7870 (2 GB) or Intel HD 520.

For users on laptops or those that have two graphics card installed on their system, the game could be loading through the wrong GPU. Therefore, you must disable or uninstall the integrated or Intel graphics card.

It’s a gamer’s modus operandi to keep the system updated. So, if you have not updated the graphics card driver and the OS in a while, the error could be a result of that. If you have GeForce Experience installed on your computer, look for updates through the software and install the updates. Try playing the game and check if the error occurs after you have updated the GPU and the OS.

From the Nvidia Control Panel, ensure the game uses the High-performance Nvidia processor. Hopefully, these fixes, resolve your No Compatible Driver/Hardware Found error in Hyper Scape. If the error continues, it may be time you got in touch with the developers – Contact Ubisoft.    

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