How to Create and Join Clans in Diablo 4

Shubham Chaurasia
Shubham Chaurasia

Diablo 4 is all about taking down the hordes of demons (all trying to kill you) and progressing in the story to stop Lilith. As you make progress in the game, you will find that going alone is possible but a gruesome task so it is always helping to have a friend tag along with you. For that purpose, Diablo 4 has a Clan feature which makes can be started by anyone and players with similar interests can join and enjoy and progress through the game together. This guide will show how to join the clan and also how to make one in Diablo 4. 

How to Start and join a Clan in Diablo 4?

Clan in Diablo 4 serves as a place for people with similar interests or a group of friends who want to play together to enjoy and progress in the game simultaneously. A Clan can be public or private depending on the purpose. So now, let’s see how to make the clan in Diablo 4: 

NOTE: Players can make or join a Clan whenever they want to.

  1. Players first need to open the game menu and go to the Clan tab. 
  2. Players can also press “N” in the game menu to open the clan tab as well. 
  3. After opening the Clan tab, players will be given the option to Create a Clan.
  4. Click the “create” option and a box will appear asking some questions. 
  5. The question: Name of the Clan, Description of the Clan, What language players can use in the Clan and if it’s a public clan or private. 
  6. Besides the Name, description and Public or private, all the other questions are optional. 
  7. After answering, the questions, simply click on the create button below to create the Clan. 

Just like how simple it is to create a clan, joining a clan is even simpler: 

  1. Open the game menu and go to the Clan tab by pressing “N” or clicking on the tab. 
  2. There you will see the option to Create a clan and Join a clan. 
  3. After clicking on Join a clan, players will be given a list of clans with their names and description and the number of members and even what language they require their clan members to use. 
  4. Simply click on the clan you want to join after reading the description and request to join the clan (if the leader wants to select who joins their clan) or simply join as default. 
  5. If players want to join a specific Clan they can search for the name of the clan as well. 

That’s how you can join and make a Clan in Diablo 4. If you find this guide helpful, you can check our website for more such guides and news for Diablo 4 and various other games. 

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