Diablo 4 – How to Respec Skills and Rank

Kirthana K
Kirthana K

Players can now test out the latest Diablo 4 Beta and know what to expect in the upcoming RPG. As with all Diablo games, you can pick your class and gain the required skills while you rank up. But what if you change your mind and want to allocate your skill points elsewhere? In this guide, we will see how to respec skills and rank in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 – How to Respec Skills and Rank

If you change your mind about the current build of your character or how to test out something different, then you can quickly respec your skills to get the points back. Here we will see how to respec in Diablo 4.

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Respecing is quite simple in Diablo 4 Beta, but it comes with a cost. Before you venture on and try to change your build, you need to collect enough gold to go ahead with the process. The higher your rank, the more gold it will cost you. Character skills and ranks up to level 15 are free for respec, but beyond that, it will cost you 222 Gold per individual skill or rank reset.

Currently, in beta testing, you can go up to rank 25, so it will cost you a handful of gold to respec your skills if you want to make small changes to your build. But if you wish to refund all your points and start over, then the cost will be even higher.

With that in mind, to respec, head over to your skill tree tab and right-click on the individual skill. This will remove all the points allocated to it, including the rank of the skill. If the skill belongs to an entire branch, you need to work through that branch and respec all the skills from the beginning of the branch to reset the one you want.

If you want to erase your current build, then you can check the option below the skill tree. You will find the Refund All option, which will erase your skill tree and give you all the points back. As mentioned above, it will cost you a fortune, so unless you are of a lower level, you should be prepared.

That’s all there is to know about respec your skills and rank in Diablo 4. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well

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