Diablo IV Choice Guide – Which Word to Inscribe into the Holy Cedar Tablets

Antara B
Antara B

After being announced in 2019, finally, Diablo 4 is going to be released officially in June 2023. Diablo is one of the most famous action-adventure gaming series worldwide. The open beta of Diablo 4 was released only a few hours ago, and players have jumped into the game to explore and experience the gameplay. If you play online games, you are aware that action-adventure RPGs sometimes want you to make decisions at specific points, and these decisions are sometimes vital.

Diablo 4 also has a few choices to make, and the word to inscribe into the Holy Cedar Tablet is one of them. If You are confused about what to choose, check out our guide for help.

Which Option Should be Inscribed into Holy Cedar Tablets- Choices to Make

Choices play a vital role in games, and wrong choices sometimes lead the character toward death. However, this is not the case all time because sometimes there are choices that can be made casually, and they don’t alter anything. However, if you are playing the open beta of Diablo 4, you’ve probably encountered the first choice you have to make.

During the Rites of the Passage quest, players will come across the city of Kyovashad. Though Lorath Nohr will escort you to the entrance of the place, you can’t enter the location until you inscribe something into the Holy Cedar Tablets. The game will provide you with five options. They are as follows-

  • Inscribe “Fear” into the wood.
  • Inscribe “Anger” into the wood.
  • Inscribe “Pride” into the wood
  • Inscribe “Greed” into the wood.
  • Inscribe nothing but scribbles into the wood.
Which Option Should be Inscribed into Holy Cedar Tablets- Choices to Make

When you get too many options to choose from, it will be complicated for players to choose a specific one, especially the correct one. So, if you get stuck at this point, it’s completely understandable.

Now, let me tell you, no matter what you choose, it won’t matter; you can enter the location irrespective of your choice. All the options lead you to the same consequences, so be free to choose whatever you prefer. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll get 300 Gold and 880 Experience.

That’s all you need to know about what to choose to inscribe into Holy Cedar Tablets in Diablo 4. This choice doesn’t really matter. So, don’t be anxious about this decision.

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