Are Diablo 4 Servers Down – How to Check the Server Status

Shubham Chaurasia
Shubham Chaurasia

Many players are facing server down issues or connections issue with the open beta of Diablo 4. As of writing this article the server of Diablo 4 open beta is just gone live (many players are in the queue to get in) but many players are facing issues like connection errors and server errors. This guide will help you resolve or tell you the reasoning behind those errors and a few ways how you can check the status of the servers. 

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How to check the server status of Diablo 4 Open beta?

The most common error that people are facing is the error named Error code 315306. This error code will come with a sentence that says “Unable to find a valid license for Diablo IV. (Code 315306)” this simply means that the server is not yet live in your region. 

The server of the Diablo 4 Open beta for early Access is to release (servers live as of writing this article) on March 17th at 9 am PST and open till March 20th at 12 pm PST. The Open Beta server will open on March 24th at 9 pm PST until March 27th at 12 pm PST. 

If you are in the perimeters of the above-mentioned dates then players need to check the current status of the game. In order to check the server status of the Diablo 4 Open beta, players can try any or all of these methods: 

  1. Official Website 

Players can simply to the official blizzard website to know the status of the server in the game. Blizzard on their site always mentions the server maintenance of all the games coming the next week so if you find the Diablo 4 Open beta there then it will tell the time and date. 

The link to the official blizzard support website is 

  1. Official Twitter accounts 

The information about anything new can be found on the official Twitter account of the blizzard or Diablo 4. Players can check these Twitter mentioned for further details. 

  1. Players can also try to restart their router and check if the LAN cable is connected properly or not and even check the connection upload and download speeds. 

The first 2 are the official ways to check the issues with the game or the server but if there is no information found on them, players can try the 3rd option and there is also a 4th option which uses a 3rd party website called Downdetector which shows the current status of the servers. 

That’s all you need to know about how to check the server status of the Diablo 4 open beta. If you find this guide helpful, you can check our website for more such guides and news about Diablo 4 and various other games.

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