How to Catch Shadow Regice in Pokemon GO

Antara B
Antara B

Pokemon Go is a popular mobile game for both Android and iOS users. Released in 2016, this game still has considerable popularity among players worldwide. Like other Pokemon Series games, Pokemon Go also has different Pokemon available, and catching them is the ultimate objective of the players. So, this guide will help you know how you can catch Shadow Regice in Pokemon Go.

Where to Find Shadow Regice in Pokemon Go? Location

If you have been playing Pokemon Go for a long time, you are probably aware that Shadow Pokemon are the Legendary ones, and they can’t be found roaming in the wild. Catching them is much harder than getting regular Pokemon. Even you can’t get Shadow Pokemom through Raids, the one and only way to get them is to go through the Team Go Rocket event.

Team Go Rocket is not a new thing in the game if you are a veteran player. Each Season has this event that allows players to get their hands on Shadow Titans. If you have played the previous Season, you probably had your hands on Shadow Registeel, and in this current Season, the Shadow Pokemon is going to be introduced is Shadow Regice.

Where to Find Shadow Regice in Pokemon Go? Location

The Team Go Rocket event will begin on 25th March and it will continue until the 1st June. Go through the event and complete your research to get Super Rocket Radar. Once you get the Super Rocket Radar, the next time you open Pokemon Go, Giovanni will appear in his ballon. Though his lineup is similar each time, this time, Shadow Regice will be added to the lineup, and you have to fight it. Giovanni’s defeat will trigger your encounter with Shadow Regice.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Shadow Regice in Pokemon Go. Remember to use your Super Rocket Radar to get Shadow Regice during the event. Once its ends, you can’t get it anymore.

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