How to Catch Shiny Bronzong in Pokemon GO

Antara B
Antara B

Pokemon Go is a popular mobile game for both Android and iOS users. Released in 2016, this game still has considerable popularity among players worldwide. If you have played other Pokemon Go seasons, you are aware that the game has tons of Pokemon available, and some of these Pokemon have their Shiny versions. This guide will help you know how to catch a Shiny Bronzong in Pokemon Go.

Where You Can Find Bronzong in Pokemon GO? Location

If you have played Pokemon games before, you are aware that Pokemon games have different varieties of Pokemon available, and Shiny Pokemon is one of the rarest among them. Bonzor and Bronzong are rare Pokemon not commonly found in the wild. So, their Shiny version won’t be easily found, and that’s natural.

Generally, in Pokemon GO, players must take advantage of the events that feature the specific type of Pokemon they are looking for. So, if you are looking for Shiny Bronzong, aim for the Psychic-type event that will become live in mid-march. During this event, players can find more Bronzor and Bronzong in Pokemon GO in the wild.

Where You Can Find Bronzong in Pokemon GO? Location

However, in Pokemon GO, finding a Shiny Bronzong in the wild is almost impossible. So, it is better to look for Bonzor and Bronzong and catch as many as possible. Usually, players need to catch Bonzor and evolve it into Bronzong. The more you catch these Pokemon, the more your odds of encountering a Shiny one increases. During One-star raids, look for Bonzor encounters, though getting a Shiny one is still challenging. The chance is around 1%.

Once you somehow manage to get a Shiny Bonzor, you have to use approximately 50 Candies to make it a Shiny Bronzong.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Shiny Bronzong in Pokemon GO. If you don’t get a Shiny Bonzor in one Psychic-type event, don’t worry; these events are pretty common in the game. So you can get to participate in them frequently.

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