How to Build Servant Coffins in V Rising

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V Rising lets you employ servants for your castle because honestly, it’s a lot of work keeping one up, and you can’t be expected to do everything alone. You certainly need helpers, and there’s no better alternative than recruiting Servants. However, no human will be willing tobe a vampire’s servant. So you have to make your servants from human NPCS and keep them inside coffins. If you are unsure of the process, this guide will take you through the process of how to build servant coffins in V Rising.

How to Create Servant Coffins in V Rising

If you have been progressing through V Rising, you are aware that you can’t handle everything yourself. No matter how powerful a vampire you are, you need some helpers who will handle your work like- gathering resources, protecting your castle during raids, fighting monsters, etc. So, in that sense, you can say servants are an essential part of the gameplay.

Servants can be unlocked once you have completed the Army of Darkness mainline quest, but they will need coffins to be kept in. As we have mentioned, no human will be willing to be the servant of a Vampire, so you have to forcefully bring NPCs and keep them inside coffins to get your servant. This process is a bit tricky, and before getting the NPC, you have to make a Servant Coffin. Keeping an NPC inside the Coffin for some time will make him your servant. The first coffin will appear as part of the tutorial, you have to craft the rest by yourself. So, let’s check what you need to make a Servant Coffin-

  • 16 Planks
  • 8 Copper Ingots 
  • 1 Greater Blood Essence 
How to Create Servant Coffins in V Rising

Except for Greater Blood Essence, the other two ingredients are found easily. Planks are very easy to obtain from the Sawmill Workshop by placing 20 Lumber into the input section to get one Plank and Sawdust. Copper Ingots can be crafted from Copper Ore which needs to be mined from specific locations, such as the  Bandit Copper Mine in Farbane Woods. 

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As for Greater Blood Essence, this process is a little more complex as you will need to obtain  4 Unsullied Hearts to craft it. These are dropped by stronger creatures in the game of at least level 30, such as Wolves, Humans, and Bosses. Once you have defeated the boss Tristan, the Vampire Hunter boss, you will be able to craft Greater Blood Essence at the Blood Press using 200 Blood Essence or 4 Unsullied Hearts.

While you are on a hunt to get Servants, ensure you focus on the blood quality. Human NPCs have different blood qualities, and ultimately, the blood quality determines how effective your servant will be. Based on the Blood Quality, different perks develop in your servants, which can make them even capable to fight challenging bosses. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the blood quality before hunting them down. V Rising offers you different types of Servants like thugs, bandits, archers, defenders, etc., and each has a particular quality. For example, Bandits are good at collecting resources, Defenders defend your castle during raids, archers are good at taking down enemies, etc.

That’s all you need to know about how to make Servant Coffins in V-Rising. Servants are like your army in the game. The more servants you have, the more powerful master you become. Remember, you can’t have as many Servants as you want. One player can have a maximum of 9 Servants. You can even drink the blood of your high-level servants to boost your speed and Critical Rate.

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