How to Get Wool Thread in V Rising

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Once you leave the Farbane Woods, you won’t find much use for Coarse Thread, but hold on to the resource and if possible stack it. You will later need the item and then traveling back to Farbane Woods and returning will be a difficult task, unless you use this fast travel method that allows you to carry loot. Before we get into why you need coarse thread, the Wool Thread is an easy to get resource in V Rising even when you are not producing it. Keep reading to know more.

How to Farm Wool Thread in V Rising

Like a number of other items in V Rising, troops in camps and on-road, farmers, and other humans drop the wool thread. There are locations marked on the map where you can get the Wool Thread. In these locations, you can find the item by destroying boxes, killing farmers, or in containers within houses. Currently, the drop rate for Wool Thread in Dunley Farmland is very high. So, you should have no issue gaining the item.

Wool Thread is required for upgrading the clothing and getting the Hollowfang Vestment. You also require the wool thread to repair the Hollowfang Vestment. The other use of the resource is to craft the Imperial Thread.

Meredith the Bright Archer

Initially, you only need a little amount of this resource which can be farmed from nearby troop camps and farmers, but if you want to make the item, you need to beat Meredith the Bright Archer, which will unlock the recipe to make the wool thread in the Loom. To craft wool thread in V Rising, you need 12 x Fire Bloom and 8 x Coarse Thread.     

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