How to Build a Castle Roof in V Rising

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V Rising is a game where you can easily craft and build stuff by gathering some resources and creating your own Empire. One of the most important things to do when you are building a castle is to build a roof for the castle so that you are safe from enemy attacks from above and especially the sunlight. Many players are confused about how to build the roof for their castle because you can build the walls and the floors but building the roof is a different ball game. Roofs don’t really seem to exist in the building options in V Rising. We will explain how you can build the roof for your Castle in this detailed guide.

How to Make a Roof for your Castle in V Rising

In order to make a roof for a roof in V Rising, the entire room needs to be made out of reinforced walls and every floor tile needs to be covered in flooring of some sort because we need to put the structure in place before putting the roof in. Once you have added all the walls and the floor pieces and you have fully confined the room in stone then the game will automatically add a roof to the room for free, yeah it’s that easy. You will notice that the lighting inside the room will change once the roof is added and instead of the walls casting the shadows, the whole room will be in a shadow which is pretty amazing for your character, honestly. You will finally be able to be completely safe from the sunlight during the day and you will be having a complete Castle so that no one can invade it. Having a roof is also pretty useful because many resource refining structures such as sawmills and furnaces gain a bonus to their refinement speeds when they are inside of a fully confined Castle room with the walls, floors, and the roof intact.

Some players might be a little disappointed that they can’t really manually decide on what type of roof they want to add to their castle but given the camera angles of V Rising, you won’t really be able to see the roof of your Castle whenever the camera comes on the top angle your roof will disappear so there’s nothing to worry about. The automated process of roof construction means you won’t really ever have to concern yourself with building the roofs for your houses and stuff. As soon as you build all the walls and complete all the flooring, the roof will be added automatically which is a really helpful thing.

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