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How to Blow Kisses to Enemies with Madama Butterfly in Bayonetta 3

How to Blow Kisses to Enemies with Madama Butterfly in Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 is an action-packed adventure game on Nintendo Switch. You will play as the title character, who fights a variety of enemies using a mixture of melee attacks and gunplay. PlatinumGames developed and published this game, so get ready for a high-octane experience.

Besides collectibles, Bayonetta 3 has side missions, too. The purple portals are scattered throughout most maps, allowing players to test their skills in combat or timed challenges. Most people will encounter the mission Blow Kisses Your Enemies first, and if they want to succeed in the mission, they must master the art of Madama Butterfly. 

Continue reading further to know how to blow kisses to enemies with Madama butterfly in Bayonetta 3.

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How to Blow Kisses to Enemies with Madama Butterfly?

In Chapter One, Verse Six, players need to complete a challenge where they need to blow kisses at their Undying enemies three times in order to receive the reward. This is one of the first side missions players will encounter in Shibuya, which requires them to use Bayonetta’s Madama Butterfly Infernal Demon to blow kisses at enemies. 


To complete this mission, follow the below steps:

  • Upon entering Tokyo: Shibuya, go right from where you spawn and locate the entrance to Blow Kisses to Your Enemies. 
  • Press ZL once inside to summon Madama Butterfly onto the battlefield
  • Then press R to activate Flutter Kiss. As she is the only infernal demon available during this quest, there is no need to equip her beforehand.
  • This quest requires you to use the Flutter Kiss attack three times.
  • If you complete three flutter kisses, the enemies will disappear, and the mission will be completed.

After completing the mission for the first time, you will receive a Moon Pearl shard. Two of these shards can be combined to create a full moon pearl, which Bayonetta later uses to increase her magic power.

This sums up our guide on how to blow kisses to enemies mission in Bayonetta 3. Check our other guides to get more updates on the game. 

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