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How to Get Healing Accessory Star of Dineta in Bayonetta 3

How to Unlock Healing Accessory Star of Dineta in Bayonetta 3

PlatinumGames has released Bayonetta 3, a Nintendo Switch exclusive, just a few days ago, and players are already deep into the lore of the game. It is an action-adventure game where you will be able to explore the adventures of the eponymous angel-hunting witch in her battle against the bioweapons called Homunculi in order to save the universe. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to unlock the healing accessory Star of Dineta in Bayonetta 3.

Where to Find Healing Accessory Star of Dineta in Bayonetta 3

There are some accessories that you will be able to collect for your character in Bayonetta 3, however you need to unlock them first. Some of these might be difficult to find, but you simply need to look for them after completing all the prerequisites. If you’re looking to get the Healing Accessory called Star of Dineta, you’re in the right place.

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The first thing you will need to do is to collect all the Umbran Tears in Chapter 6. There are three of them, which are the Cat, the Crow and the Toad. You will need to change over to the Spider to get them all.

The next step is to complete Phenomenal Remnant 6. The Star of Dineta is the reward for completing it. Once you have done so, you should have the Star of Dineta in your inventory. In the previous versions of Bayonetta, you were able to buy it in The Gates of Hell for 100,000 Halos. Now, you can access it through the Accessories tab.

Now that you know how to get the Healing Accessory, you will be able to follow the above steps and get it for your character in Bayonetta 3. The Star of Dineta will heal a fixed amount of health when the button to taunt enemies is pressed.

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