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What is Naive Angle Mode and How to Activate it in Bayonetta 3

What is Naive Angle Mode and How to Activate it in Bayonetta 3

With Bayonetta 3, you will play the title character who wields a variety of melee attacks and gunplay against a variety of enemy types. You will be given a lot of control over the title character, and you will be able to take on a variety of challenges as well. PlatinumGames developed and published this game, so you’ll be in for a high-octane adventure.

The Bayonetta series has been well known for both its gripping character-driven action and its protagonist, who never fails to drop her clothes when summoning an infernal demon. What gamers might need to learn is there are options available in Bayonetta 3 that offer modesty – or rather, a Naive Angle Mode. This means gamers will be able to play through this game without witnessing too many nude scenes, giving them a refreshingly modest gaming experience.

Continue reading further to know more about the Naive Angle Mode and how to activate it in Bayonetta 3.

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What is Naive Angle Mode?

With the new Naive Angle Mode in Bayonetta 3, players can turn off certain of the game’s sexy aspects. Some of the in-game depictions such as violence, gore and exposure will be reduces with this feature. According to Platinum Games, Bayonetta is hotter than ever in this version of the game, except when you use Naive Angle Mode. Some parts of the design are censored when you’re playing it with Naive Angle Mode turned on.

During Naive Angle Mode, some characters’ outfits become less revealing. For example, Bayonetta’s whirlwind spin leaves her bare underneath, but when Naive Angle Mode is enabled, she wears an outfit throughout the attack. 


How to Activate the Naive Angle Mode?

To activate the Naive Angle Mode in Bayonetta 3.

  • Launch the game.
  • Now go to the Options Tab.
  • Select the Screen Display Tab.
  • Under this, you’ll find the option Naive Angle Mode.
  • Choose ‘Off’ or ‘On’ according to your preference.

Consequently, Nintendo is not forcing these changes to Platinum’s Bayonetta 3 work, but they are available for those who desire a less revealing playing experience.

This sums up our guide on how to activate naive angle mode in Bayonetta 3. Check our other guides to get more updates on the game. 

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