Bayonetta 3

How to Summon Infernal Demons in Bayonetta 3

How to Summon Infernal Demons in Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3, the newest game in the Bayonetta series, is a hack-and-slash action-adventure exclusive to Nintendo Switch. Players control Umbra Witch Bayonetta – a powerful witch who fights against light and uses dark power by summoning demons from battle to assist her during chaotic fights. Bayonetta is incredibly versatile – an agile fighter capable of dealing brutal combos as she easily slashes through enemies.

Bayonetta can summon infernal demons along with her other abilities. Let’s see how to summon infernal demons in this guide.

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Who are Infernal Demons?

In Bayonetta 3, you’ll encounter numerous types of formidable enemies, including Infernal Demons. The Demons hail from Inferno and can only be summoned by evil Umbra Witches with dark magic. As stated in the game, Infernal Demons can do enormous damage to your enemies when properly executed.

How to Summon Infernal Demons?

With Bayonetta 3, you can summon infernal demons like never before, and she’s better than ever. The powerful creatures can be summoned by Bayonetta once the first chapter is complete, but you can only summon them once the game’s first chapter has been completed.


If your magic bar reaches a certain level, the icon next to Demon will light up, indicating that you can summon the demons. Now follow the below steps:

  • Press the ZL Button, and you’ll be able to call upon an Infernal Demon. 
  • Once summoned, the Demon will obey your commands
  • The Demons will attack enemies for you, dealing massive damage in return.
  • If no more magic power is left, they’ll disappear.

Throughout Bayonetta 3, you’ll unlock more Infernal Demons. Once unlocked, you can equip up to three infernal demons at a time.

This sums up our guide on how to summon infernal demons in Bayonetta 3. Check our other guides to get more updates on the game. 

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