How Many Juggernauts are in Ashika DMZ Warzone 2

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

Juggernauts have been present in COD games in many forms. You can even get a perk in MW2 and become a Juggernaut yourself. The first map during the launch of DMZ has 3 bosses including the Juggernauts with the weapons case. In season 2 of DMZ, you can still find the boss in Al Mazrah, but the new map Ashika has more than one Juggernauts and none of them are worth the effort. But, if you are curious as to how many Juggernauts are in Ashika Island map, we have the answer for you.

How Many Juggernauts are in Ashika Island DMZ Warzone 2

With all certainty, we can tell you that there are 2 Juggernauts that spawn in every Ashika Island game, but there are rumors of there being 4. Two Juggernauts spawn in the waterways near the dead drop and you can find them there at all times unless, you head to the location later in the game. We have seen that once the Bombmaker appears on the map, the Juggernauts in the waterways may disappear. Also, if you are playing solo, there are chances that you may not find the Juggernauts in the waterways.

How Many Juggernauts are in Ashika DMZ

Sometimes, you can find one or two Juggernauts between the port and the castle. These may be the same one from the Waterways that head above once the Bombmaker has appeared on the map. If you happen to encounter the Juggernauts somewhere else on the map, it’s possible that the two from the Waterways may have wondered off chasing another player.

The Juggernauts in Ashika and Al Mazrah are not the same and the ones in Ashika do not drop the weapons case. You get tons of cash for taking them down. Also, the Juggernauts in Ashika are quite easy to take down compared to the Al Mazrah. You can camp at a place and take them down. They won’t come very close to you. While the Al Mazrah Juggernaut will chase you through a very large section of the map as long as you are in the yellow circle.

So, there are two Juggernauts for certain in Ashika Island and possibly a third, but it’s not likely that there is a 4th one.  

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