How to Extract the Weapon Case From Ashika Island Without Dying

Shubham Chaurasia
Shubham Chaurasia

The best possible loot a player can get in a single deployment in Ashika Island is going to be the Weapons case alongside a 3-plate Armor vest, large backpack and multiple modded weapons. All these things are available in one location on the map, i.e Tsuki castle. In Tsuki castle, also resides the boss of the map called Bombmaker. The tsuki castle has the best loot so it has the highest level of security which include a wheelson circling the castle and many (I mean a lot) enemies. This guide will help you extract the weapons case from Ashika island successfully. 

How to extract the weapon case from Ashika Island?

Weapon case can only be found after killing the Boss of the map in the case of Ashika Island, Bombmaker. The location of the weapons case is always tsuki castle unlike in Al Mazrah because the map is too small. Getting the weapon case is a challenge but the challenge doesn’t end after that because an announcement will be made to all the players on the map that the weapon case has been acquired by the enemy team and the location of those players will be shown on the map. 

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Now here are some tips  for the players who have the weapons case after killing the boss and need to extract: 

  1. Players should try to go to extract as fast as possible (might be obvious but don’t go for kills after getting the weapons case) 
  2. Players can try to get the rescue hostage contract and complete it to have a safer extract point (players usually camp Exfil site and the rescue chopper is separate from those)
  3. Players should try to always have ammo and armour plates ready along with smoke grenades which are useful for getting into the extraction chopper or crossing roads. 
  4. Players should try to activate as many UAV towers as possible while on their route towards the Exfil area. 

These are the tips which should help players survive and extract the weapons case from Ashika Island. After Extracting, players can get these rewards corresponding with the number of times they have extracted the weapons case:

  1. Backup Plan – Handgun Blueprint
  2. Aces – Emblem
  3. Full House – Calling Card
  4. Bear With Me – Weapon Sticker
  5. Triple Threat – Loading Screen
  6. Full House – Emblem
  7. Fight Night – Assault Rifle Blueprint

That’s all you need to know about how to successfully extract the weapons case in Ashika Island and what rewards it provides. If you find this guide helpful, you can check our website for more such guides and news about Warzone 2.0 and various other games. 

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