How Many Eras are there in Humankind

Harry S
Harry S

Humankind is a strategy game that’s currently topping the Steam charts with peak concurrent players above 55K. One of the important things you need to know as you play the game is the Eras. The game allows you to play in various eras and more are promised to be added later in the game. Each era provides the user with a new choice. The choice you make defines the play in that era. Hence, you should know how many eras are there in Humankind.

In Humankind, you start in a tribe in the Neolithic Era and take the tribe to the Contemporary Era in the hopes of becoming a superpower. But, there are several other eras in between. Let’s have a look at each era in the game.

How Many Eras in Humankind

There are currently seven eras in Humankind namely – Neolithic, Ancient, Classical, Medieval, Early Modern, Industrial, Contemporary, and there are more to be added as new content is introduced to the game. Here is a brief on each era in the game.

  1. Neolithic
    • When you start the game, the Neolithic Era is where you start. At this point in game, you should focus on the basic like gathering items and resources that will severe you. At this stage in the game, there are Nomadic Tribe.
  2. Ancient
    • The Ancient Era is comprised on civilization such as the Zhou, Babylonians, and Egyptians. You will be introduced to primitive technologies such as the Wheel, Writing, etc. The Ancient Era can be compared to the Bronze and Iron Age.
  3. Classical
    • The Classical Era will have new cultures emerge such as the Maya, Greeks, and the Huns. There are new technologies and large armies. You can invest in Trade Expeditions, Hydrology, etc.  
  4. Medieval
    • In this Era, you will be able to invest in technologies such as Furnace Steel, Theology, Alchemy, and Feudalism. The Medieval Era introduces new culture such as the English, the Norsemen, the Aztecs, and the Franks.   
  5. Early Modern
    • In the Early Modern Era, player can invest in technologies such as Gunpowder Warfare, Mercantilism, and Movable Typeface. The cultures that emerge in this era of colonialism and trade are Edo Japanese, Spanish, and the Ottomans.
  6. Industrial
    • The Industrial Era offers players the chance to invest in technologies such as Scientific Method, Urban Planning, and Mechanization. This is the era of industrial revolution and the cultures that emerge are the Zulu, English, and Russians.
  7. Contemporary
    • This is the current era and the cultures that dominate are the Chinese, America, and the Soviets. You can invest in technologies such as Mass Entertainment, Computing, and Radar.

While these are all the available eras in Humankind, it’s anyone’s guess that the game may include future eras when new content is introduced.  

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