How Long to Beat One Piece Odyssey

 How Long to Beat One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey, the first big and one of the most awaited titles of this year, is going to release within a few hours. Players have been excited for a long time to play this game, especially after the massive success of One Piece World Seeker. However, before players start playing a game, especially a game like One Piece Odyssey, they must know the time they are going to invest in this game, and this guide will help you know the length of the One Piece Odyssey.

How Long is One Piece Odyssey? Explained

One Piece Odyssey is the latest action-adventure role-playing game by Bandai Namco Entertainment. However, it is also the latest installment of the One Piece Series; players are excited to experience the thrilling adventure of Monkey.D.Luffy and his crew. When due to a sea storm, Monkey.D.Luffy is separated from his Straw Hat Crew on a stranded mysterious island Waford; the adventure takes place after that when each playable character uses their unique abilities to overcome obstacles and navigate through dungeons to reunite and explore the island.

This experience will definitely be dangerous and thrilling, but if you want to know the time you need to finish the game, it will be around 30 hours. Although generally, JRPGs are not that short and take more than 50 hours, One Piece Odyssey has made some exceptions and cut the length to 30 hours approximate.

How Long is One Piece Odyssey? Explained

Well, this is not a definite time applicable for everyone. First, the finish time of a game varies based on how you are playing it and how skilled you are. If you are a skilled player, you may complete the main story within 30 Hours, but if not, it will take more time. Secondly, the game has side stories and quests. If you ignore them and only focus on the main story, your game finishes earlier than players who try to complete all the quests and side stories. If you focus on exploring everything the game offers, it will take around 60 hours to complete.

Another vital aspect of JRPG games that affects the finish time of the game is the difficulty level. The higher the difficulty level you choose, the more the game takes time to be completed. Fortunately, One Piece Odyssey doesn’t have any difficulty level. So, everyone will play at the same difficulty.

That’s all you need to know about how long it takes to complete One Piece Odyssey. It is almost impossible to tell an exact time that suits every player because it varies from player to player.


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