Honaki Star Rail – How to Get Ancient Coins

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Honkai Star Rail has plenty of hidden achievements you can claim in the game. One of the achievements you can get is Twinkly, Winkly, and to get this achievement you need to find 3 ancient coins. There is no indication of where you can find these coins, so you have to do some searching around the regions to get your hands on them. In this guide, we will see how to get ancient coins in Honkai Star Rail.

Honaki Star Rail – How to Get Ancient Coins

Ancient coins are one of the many resources you will encounter while playing the game. Here we will see how to get ancient coins in Honkai Star Rail.

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There are two ways you can get your hands on some ancient coins. While exploring Jarilo-VI, you will bump into destructible objects that you can slash with your weapon. These objects will sometimes reveal treasure, and you might also get ancient coins through this way. You will know these are the right objects to hit when you spot a blue crosshair symbol on them. Most barrels, metal cylinders, and crates have this symbol, so if you spot them don’t hesitate to break them.

Another way to get your hands on ancient coins is to check the trash cans. There are several trash cans around the city you can rummage through and get various loot. If you are lucky, you can even get ancient coins.

Currently, there is no other use for Ancient Coins except to get them for the Twinkly, Winkly achievement. But you can still hold on to them as they can be useful later on.

That’s all there’s to know about getting ancient coins in Honkai Star Rail. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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