All Hidden Quests in Honaki Star Rail

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Honkai: Star Rail is an adventure RPG game where you meet new friends, tackle new enemies, and pick up new quests. Some of these quests are hidden, and if you are lucky you can unlock them while playing the game. But oftentimes, they are easy to miss, and if you think you haven’t unlocked all the hidden achievements you can keep reading. In this guide, we will take a look at all the hidden quests in Honkai Star Rail. 

All Hidden Quests in Honaki Star Rail

There are a handful of hidden quests you can pick up while playing the game. Here we will see all the hidden quests and how to get them in Honkai Star Rail.

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Honaki Star Rail Hidden QuestQuest LocationQuest Details
Diamond and RustHerta Space Station Master Control ZoneAfter completing the “To: The Faint Star” quest, talk to Bernard to start the hidden quest.
Bzzt! Clock Out!Herta Space StationTurn off all 6 little robots
DisposableHerta Space StationLocate and talk to all Herta puppets
Door to a New WorldHerta Space Station Supply ZoneGo to the washroom in the Spare Parts Warehouse Space Anchors 
Green ThumbHerta Space Station Base ZoneTalk with the strange plant on the second floor of the Reception Center and visit it again the next day
Misdelivered LetterJarilo-VI’s Administrative DistrictCollect all four letters
No King Rules ForeverHerta Space Station Storage ZoneUse the “Unbearable Weight” Curio and decipher the source of the mysterious sound
Origami CranesHerta Space Station Supply ZonePick up all the origami cranes around the space station
PhonographAstral Express Parlor CarInteract with the Phonograph and change the music
Praise of High MoralsMultiple LocationsAfter talking to the NPC, pick the morally correct reply
Rightful Rights SocietyJarilo-VI, Administrative DistrictHead over to the Golden Theater and Interact with the phone booth 
Sheila’s FateJarilo-VI, Administrative DistrictTalk to Sheila after completing the Guide Paradox quest
Sweet Pom-Pom O’MineJarilo-VI, Qlipoth FortSpin the Armillary Sphere, look north, and select What is in the northwest?
Trash Cans in BelobogJarilo-VI, Boulder Town Complete the trash can puzzle
Twinkly, WinklyJarilo-VI.Collect 3 Ancient Coins
The Mandela EffectGolden Theater, Administrative DistrictContact Belobog’s “back alley” four times
Triple Authentication Access RoomHerta Space Station Base ZoneCollect all three Access Authentication Cards
When Breath Becomes AirHerta Space StationInvestigate Eikura Shuu’s memorial during the Requiem Mass mission

How to Get Hidden Quests in Honkai Star Rail?

Usually, you will unlock hidden quests and achievements while playing Honkai Star Rail and completing the various missions. Talking to the NPCs across the regions after each mission and interacting with certain objects can also help you uncover new quests. 

That’s all there is to know about all hidden quests in Honkai Star Rail. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well. 

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