Genshin Impact 3.4: Future TCG Character Card Details Leaked

 Genshin Impact 3.4: Future TCG Character Card Details Leaked

Genshin Impact TCG had taken over most of Version 3.3 as the main highlight of the version despite the release of another playable Harbinger in the Wanderer. Now that Version 3.4 is out and Beidou and Klee are released as playable TCG cards, you might be wondering who’s next. Well, we’re here to answer just that and more.

TCG Future Character Cards Leaked for Version 3.5 of Genshin Impact

So the next 3 characters coming to the TCG roster are our Physical Queen Eula, Jellyfish Healer Kokomi and Crow Commander Sara. Hopefully, Razor won’t be powercrept by Eula and Barbara won’t be power-crept by Kokomi. With that in mind, let’s take a look at their leaked kits.


While we don’t see a nuke happening from her character card kit, we certainly see how the stacks to her elemental burst come in. There’s also a basic damage increment to her elemental skill but we’ll have to wait for her final release and more TCG experience to speculate how it’ll actually function in the game. Unlike her actual in-game character though, her TCG card character has a burst cost of only 2 Energy which is rather refreshing.


While she doesn’t seem to be power-creeping Barbara in terms of her healing, in her burst state she adds a +1 DMG modifier which does resemble her kit and her preferred artifact set to an extent. Kokomi will be a fun unit to play because of this sole reason. Since she also does a Hydro summon, perhaps she’ll fit in nicely with Summon Decks- but that’s still left to be seen upon her final release.


Unlike her actual character, it’s looking like her TCG card character will be very strong indeed. She can effectively replace the likes of Fischl with added utility and versatility. It also looks like she won’t need any synergy with Electro characters which opens her up to multiple Summon Decks and Burst Decks.

By Version 3.5, we also expect the TCG system to get more polished and balanced. Hopefully, a few more Action cards will also be released to make the gameplays more diverse and thus engaging and exciting. Are you excited to play these characters in TCG?

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