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Framed Answer 28 July – Movie of the Day


Framed is one of the puzzle games that has drawn inspiration from Wordle and among quite a few games that revolve around the movies theme such as Moviedle. Almost all of the games that came after Wordle have a certain uniqueness to them that have made them such a hit on social media. Lewdle is another word game that has quite a fan following.

While Framed is also a movie-based word game, where you need to guess the name or title of the movie from the frame/provided picture from the movie. The game would have been very tough if that were all the provided clues, but once you have an idea of the movie, you can search for it on the answer tab to arrive at the correct answer. This is certainly a challenging game that is suitable for long-time movie aficionados.

In this article, we will help you narrow down the movie for each day. You can bookmark this page for daily Framed movie answers for the day. Keep reading to find out the Framed Answer 28 July.

Framed 28 July Answer – Right Movie

Framed is a great game. The way it works is, you need to look at a frame of a movie and guess the title of the movie. The tab where you can type your answer also allows you to search for the movie. So, basically, if you have some idea about the movie but are confused about the name, you can try in the answer box and the game will help you will the names of the movie. For every wrong answer, you get an additional frame from the movie. In total, you can get 6 frames to arrive at your answer.

The answer for today Framed 28 July is The Big Short. The movie came out back in 2015 and is a drama/comedy film.

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