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Lewdle September 22 Word – Answer Today


Lewdle is a word puzzle that has taken the internet by storm within a few months. This puzzle is not for children because it only contains lewd or obscene words, but adults are pretty addicted to this puzzle. Lewdle is formed in the same format as Wordle. It also gives a single random word to guess within 24 hours, but the fundamental difference is that while Wordle allows no dirty words, Lewdle is named ‘Lewdle- a lewd daily word game.’

Lewdle recently introduced a new mode called ‘Sheltered Mode,’ which allows players to guess non-lewd words. Go to the ‘Settings’ and turn on Sheltered Mode.

If you are looking for Lewdle word of 22 September 2022, this guide is the right place.

Lewdle Answer Sep 22, 22/9, 2022 – Correct Answer Today

Lewdle is indeed a viral word puzzle that players like throughout the world. It has probably attracted the players’ attention because of its simple playing rules. Initially, the puzzle doesn’t provide any clues, but when you enter a random word, the puzzle highlights the letters to give you hints. For instance, the Green letters are part of the original word and placed correctly. Yellow letters are part of the accurate word but put wrong; finally, Grey letters are not in the original word. That’s all; the puzzle only provides this many clues.

On 22 September 2022, the correct answer of Lewdle is FEMDOM

That’s all you need to know about how to play Lewdle and the correct word for Lewdle on 22 Sep, 2022.

Also, Lewdle is a free puzzle that needs no registration. It has no app available, so visit the following website to play the game: https://www.lewdlegame.com/

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