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Lewdle August 29 Word – Answer Today


Besides Wordle, Lewdle is one of the most played word puzzle games at this time on the internet. It’s one of the more popular copies of Wordle. Lewdle is the same as Wordle with one main difference, it only accepts lewd words. This word game is certainly not advised for the kids to practice their vocabulary. Like the original, you can only play this game once a day. If you are here, you probably failed to guess the Lewdle Word Today Aug 29.

Don’t worry; we have you covered; we will share the answer for today.

Solution to Lewdle Aug 29, 2022 – Correct Answer  

Like the original, Lewdle provides you with 6 guesses to find out the correct word. With each word that you enter in each chance, the game offers you hints to narrow down the solutions to the puzzle. The game gives you hints in the form of color. When an alphabet is green, it means it is part of the answer word and at the right place, when an alphabet turns yellow, it means the letter is part of the solution word but not in the right place. And a grey letter means it is not part of the solution word. With these simple hints, you are expected to solve the puzzle.

The answer for Lewdle on August 29 is NARDS.

Lewdle has recently changed the rules of the game, and you can now enable the Sheltered Mode and input words that are not Lewd to arrive at your answer.  

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  1. How can the solution be 6 letters when there are only 5 slots to enter your guess??!!?? Is this that new math they’re always talking about?

    1. I don’t know what you have but we have updated the post with the pic of the new Lewdle with 6 letter slots.

  2. Butt that’s 6 letters…

    1. Yeah.Today’s Lewdle is taking 6 words. They have run out of 5 letter words.

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