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Waffle Game Answer 28 July – Word of the Day (7/28/22) Waffle #188


Waffle has to be the best spin-off of the popular word game Wordle. Unlike most of the word games that are inspired by Wordle, Waffle has all the alphabets on the sheet and you need to arrange them to arrive at the correct answers. Another distinction from other word games like Lewdle, Wordle, Moviedle, and Framed is that Waffle requires you to guess 6 words instead of one. All the alphabets that form the word are already provided to you and you need to arrange them in the right order. On this page, we will update the daily Waffle answers, so you can bookmark the page for daily updates. Today, we will answer the Waffle 28 July word of the day for you.

But, before you go ahead with the answer, here is a rundown on how Waffle actually works. Like all of the Wordle inspirations, Waffle also provides answers in the form of alphabets highlighted in Green, Yellow, and Grey. The alphabet in green signifies that it is in the correct spot to form the word. Yellow indicates that it is in the word but not in the right position. Grey suggests that the alphabet is not a part of the word.

Waffle is updated every day at midnight in your local time and can be manipulated to get more tries. You can open the game in incognito in your browser to get more tries at the game. Waffle provides you a total of 15 moves to guess three right answers horizontally and three right answers vertically, so a total of 6 answers. The minimum movers you can make to solve the puzzle is 10. Keep reading and we will share the Waffle answer for today 28 July.

Waffle 28 July Word – Answer for 7/27/22

Besides the above rules, there are some special rules to play Waffle, given it is a more complicated game than other Wordle inspirations. Well, they are not special rules but more clues to help you arrive at your answer. If you follow the color rule for each alphabet, you should not have any trouble, but here is what the game has clarified.

As already mentioned earlier, we will update this post every day to reflect the correct Waffle answer of the day. Here is the Waffle answer July 28.





It’s quite likely that you have already made some correct guesses and were close to the answer. Now, you know the answers so you can open the incognito and give it another go with the perfect score.

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