Fix Voice Chat Not Working in Valorant

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The voice chat feature in violent is quite important as it helps you connect with other players and the members of your team so that you can collaborate with them in order to win the games and play them better but when that particular feature stops working it becomes quite difficult for the players who are not connected through something like this god or other stuff in order to communicate with the team members. If you face a similar issue while playing value rent then you can refer to the guide below in order to fix this particular issue.

How to fix the voice chat not working issue in Valorant?

You don’t need to try all of these fixes but most of these will be helpful for you so if one doesn’t work for you then you can try the other ones surely one of these will help you in order to fix the particular issue of voice chat not working.

Check your input and output device

The first thing that you need to do is check if your input and output devices are connected correctly so the input device which is obviously a mic if it is working properly. Just check if you are able to get any kind of output from your mic for the input device that you’re using and through this also you can check if you are getting in any kind of output on your speakers or headphones that date using because sometimes it happens where you are speaking in your mind but you are unable to hear anything because the speakers not working and sometimes have it happens that are finished your meal and after that, you Crave for some desert the desert has already been eaten so this happens sometimes that’s why I just check your input and output Devices before start playing.

Give microphone access to the game

The second fix is a very silly one which most people make and it is kind of a mistake so you should always check if your microphone is turned on while speaking in the game or not it happens a lot of times that speaking and you have spoken a lot but you see that nobody responding to your speech because everybody is on youth and some of them may be having internet issues since then not able to join a meeting or even as the join they just get disconnected so there might be some reason for that but a Sandhu check out if a microphone is turned on before speaking in the game.

Update your audio drivers on the device

The third option is to check if your audio drivers have updated properly the audio driver generally gets outdated and receives software updates in order to keep them updated and get the best experience but right now you are not able to . Update the order drivers of a computer will drastically improve your performance and you will be able to easily connect with your team members to efficiently kill the Opponent and win the match.

On Windows, you basically have two options to update your audio drivers the first is by manually updating your audio driver and the second one is to automatically update your audio drivers. You can either manually check after some time if there are any updates or we can just keep automatic updates on so that a Windows will automatically update all the necessary drivers and you don’t have to Go through the hassle of updating them In order to manually update the order drivers you would have to go to the manufacturer’s website and get the software.

Reset the Audio Setting of your game

The fourth fix that you can try is to reset the audio settings of your game if your Games Audio setup is not done correctly then you can’t really use the mic properly Soya if it is set up is not already done in-game in ko add and set up your mic and everything inside the game so that you can chat properly with your teammates.

Try to Run Valorant as an administration

The fifth fix is to run valid and as an administrator.  there are a lot of instances in which your game file may not run or it may have some issues when you are using it from a public user account but when you are using it as an administrator It lets you gain additional access to some of the features of that particular game.

Try to perform a clean boot

The last fix on the list is to perform a clean boot.  Windows applications coexist in the windows environment with other third-party applications and they share the same system resources so if an essential resource for valorant gets blocked due to some kind of conflict then the voice chat of the game may not work so in order to fix this issue. The first thing that you have to do is to disable the V GCP feature which is Attached to Vellore and riot games they are to disable this particular feature by going into the task manager.

Hopefully, with all these simple fixes you will be able to fix your issue in valorant which is the problem of the Mic not working.

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