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Fix Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 game_ship.exe and Error

Fix Modern Warfare 2 game_ship.exe Error

If you have run into the Modern Warfare 2 game_ship.exe Error, you are not alone in this. There are thousands of players who have experienced the error since the start of the game. While, the error can be fixed after a reboot of the game or PC, the repeated crashing makes gameplay very difficult. We ourselves experienced the error a few times and implemented a fix that’s eliminated the error for us. Keep reading and we will show you how to fix the application has unexpectedly stopped working.

Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 game_ship.exe Error Fix

When you get the Modern Warfare 2 game_ship.exe error, the game asks you to verify the game files for corruption; unfortunately, player who tried the game’s recommended fix found themselves banned or got the 33/39/45 Files Failed to validate error. There is currently a serious ban problem with the game. The number of players getting banned is unbelievable and it’s happened before with CoD game where Activision reverted the ban. So, the scan and repair might not be the best option right now. Here the fixes that worked for other and the one that worked for us.  

  1. Turn off Razer Synapse: If you are using the software, turn it off as it’s known to cause issues with CoD games. Other software you may want to disable is the Afterburner suit, any RGB software, and others that perform similar tasks.
  2. Turning Off In-game Voice Chat: Voice chats have been known to cause issues in several multiplayer games. It can sometimes glitch the game leading to the game_ship.exe error. You can choose to disable the voice chat before the start of a game or while you are in-game. TO disable it in-game, press Tab to Open the in-game K/D ratio menu > right-click on the mouse to enable cursor > click on Mute All.
  3. Ensure On-Demand Texture Streaming is enabled: This is the fix that worked for us. We had the on-demand texture streaming and disabled and it started giving us the MW2 game_ship.exe error. After we enabled the option form the settings, we have yet to encounter any crash or error.
  4. Turn off Parallax Effects: Another settings that is known to cause crashes in MW2 is the Parallax Effects. You will find this setting in the Interface Menu.
  5. Roll Back or Install Game Ready Driver version (522.25): Nvidia has acknowledged that its newest driver is causing crashes in MW2. Also, a lot of player who reverted back to the version (522.25) found that the game does not crash anymore. You can roll back the driver from the Device Manager, but if the option is greyed out for you, download it using the link and perform a clean install.
  6. Lock FPS to 75: Limiting the FPS consumes less resources and can possibly help the game from crashing with the MW2game_ship.exe error. To limit the FPS, you can use GeForce Control Panel or the in-game settings menu.
  7. Play the Game Using Keyboard and Mouse: If you are playing the game using a controller on PC that may be the reason for the Modern Warfare 2 game_ship.exe error, try switching to the mouse and keyboard and the issue may be resolved.
  8. Set Render Resolution to Less Than 50: I know the game will look very bad running at this resolution, but a lot of players have reported that the crash did not happen after that. So you can try that.   
  9. Run the Game in Safe Mode: When the game reboots after a crash, choose to run it into the safe mode. This is also a fix that’s worked for us.
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That’s all we have in this guide. Hope the article was of help to bypass the Modern Warfare 2 game_ship.exe error.

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  1. What a crock of bullshit that Activision will release a game so fucking fragile, I have to run a game on nearly the lowest quality even with a top level graphics card just to fucking run it. How much more could they prove they don’t care and just want money?

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