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What is Modern Warfare 2 Error CASERMA-RHINO – Banned for No Reason

The “Caserma-Rhino” error is a fatal error that players of the game “Modern Warfare 2” experience. The error concerns the game’s multiplayer component and bans the player from connecting to multiplayer servers. The error is named after the Italian word for “barracks” (caserma) and the animal “rhinoceros” (rinoceronte), which is a symbol of strength and power.

There are several reports supporting the prohibition. Many players who have never cheated or hacked a game are getting banned, and Activision support’s sole response is “Data Manipulation,” which is useless. Unfortunately, we can do nothing to help individuals who have been wrongfully banned. This was last seen to happen during the MW19 beta, but most players who were banned during that test were later allowed to play again, so let’s hope it happens again this time.

Most of those who were banned during the test will be unbanned before the full launch, but the aggravation can be understandable because thousands of individuals are dealing with it. Even more so, the players who paid for the game for the early access are missing out on the game.

The Modern Warfare 2 Error CASERMA-RHINO is common issue players encounter when they try to join multiplayer matches. The error message reads, “You have been banned from this server for CASERMA RHINO.” This error is most commonly caused by a server administrator ban placed on your game.

There are a few things that you can do to try and fix this error. First, try restarting your computer and router. If that doesn’t work, try using a different IP address. Finally, if all else fails, you can try contacting the server administrator and asking them to lift the ban.

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    1. Same shit happened to me a few days ago

    2. It happened to me too, I do a driver update, data then I get banned the account, (without having done anything). I opened a ticket and I’m waiting for an answer to know the reason. I hope they will unban it since I wasted whole days playing in DMZ…

    3. Same for me, after 20 hrs i got a perm ban.

    4. It happened to me too this afternoon, I do an update and then I get banned account, (without having done anything). I opened a ticket and they told me that I was banned for manipulating data and unknown software. Permanent account banned. I hope they unban it since I wasted entire days playing multiplayer…

    5. This happened me today, i was playing the campaign all day yesterday and everything was fine but today when i got on it said the same thing for me happened, the reasom(CASERMA-RHINO) ive never cheated or done anything and this is popping up like WHATTT??. Then when i go to appeal it says no ban detected????. So if theres no ban detected why tf in game says im perma banned. ACTIVISION PLEASE FIX THISSSSS.

      1. did it say the reason u got banned was for data manipulation??

        1. i got banned to for the reason “caserma-rhino”. I tried to contact activision, but like everyone i get an email back from this auto-response… It says that i got banned for data manipulation to…
          i hope they will fix it soon, if not, i got scammed and lost 70$….

          1. Anche a me e succeso oggi pomeriggio, faccio un aggiornamento e dopodiche’ mi esce account bandito, (senza aver fatto nulla). Ho aperto un ticket e mi hanno detto che sono stato bannato per manipolazione di dati e software sconosciuti. Account perma bannato. Spero che lo sbannano visto che ho perso intere giornate a giocare al multiplayer…

      2. Same exact thing happened to me, but for me it was as soon as i purchased the game, i try to log on and i get banned not even 1 game

        1. Exact same with me! Banned before ever even getting into a lobby. I just KNEW this game would be an absolute waste of time too. Smh

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