How to Survive a Squad Hunt in DMZ Warzone 2.0

Shubham Chaurasia
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Warzone 2.0 DMZ is a survival mode where players must extract safely to keep the guns and material they obtained exploring on the map. Players will start at a location on a map (no jumping from the plane) and need to survive and fight against AI enemies. 

Players will find many contracts on the whole map and must complete them to get cash. This guide will teach you about the squad hunt contract and how to evade it when you are targeted. 

How to Survive a squad hunt in DMZ?

Squad Hunt is a contract found in DMZ mode where players will find the contract and activate the contract to hunt enemy squads nearby. The enemy squad location will be marked on the map with the green circle, and enemies will be in that circle. But make sure you find the enemy squad quickly, as there is a timer otherwise you will lose the contract and the enemy will get the cash.

Note: All your loot will be lost if you die in this mode. The only way to save the gun is by insuring it before the match start.

Now when you are targeted by the enemy squad hunt contract, players can use these tips to escape the enemy squad:

  1. Use Vehicles- when targeted, players will be notified about the contract and will see a contract with a timer on the left side of the screen.  Using vehicles makes the enemies need to follow you and there are many AI enemies that may target them and you will lose the enemy behind. 
  2. UAV tower- there are many UAV towers scattered all across the map, players can go to the tower and interact with it to mark all the locations of the enemies in the area. It shows AI as well as enemy players. 
  3. Map- Players should always check their map as it will show the enemy players using vehicles when hunted enemy players might use vehicles to catch you before time runs out so check the map to see the enemy vehicles. 
  4. Revive system- Usually, when players get killed completely they needed to buy back but in this mode, players will be able to revive until they don’t quit the game so if your teammate died during squad hunt, you can run away and wait for the contract to end and go back revive your teammate.
  5. Don’t stay in one location- when being targeted, players tend to wait for the enemies to attack them but in this mode, you should always be on the move to dodge the enemy squad. 
  6. Kill the squad who targeted you- I know this seems simple enough but when you do not know the enemy’s location but they do it is a lot more difficult to kill them. There are many AI enemies roaming around the map as well that can kill easily. 

These are the general tips that players need to follow to successfully escape the enemy squad. Squad hunt is a fun contract but it requires teamwork when you are the one who accepted the contract. 

That’s all you need to know how to survive the Squad hunt in DMZ. If you find this guide helpful you can check our website for more such guides and news. 

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