Fix FIFA 23 DXGI Error Device Hung

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Players who have been playing FIFA 23 have been coming across an error in which this error code is shown- “DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG”. According to Microsoft’s online documentation, this error code indicates that the program’s device failed as a result of improperly formatted commands supplied by the application. This is something that should be looked into and solved during the design stage. This mistake pops up all the time in the middle of different games, causing them to crash with an on-screen mistake. In this guide, we shall talk about how to fix FIFA 23 DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG error code. Keep reading to learn all about it.


Many people in various online communities have shared the solutions that have been most useful to them, and we’ve decided to compile them all in one place for your convenience. Follow the methods below:

Check for Graphics Driver Update

When trying to fix a problem with a video game, this is one of the first things you should do. Nonetheless, this has been the only solution for a few customers, who have reported success after days of trying other approaches without success. Plus, it’s impossible for anything to go wrong, and you’ll still have the newest Graphics Card driver by the end of it all.

  • To access Device Manager, press the Start button, enter the Device Manager into the Search box, and then choose the program from the list of search results you see on the screen by clicking its icon. The Run dialogue box can also be launched by pressing the Windows Key + R. Simply enter “devmgmt.msc” into the box and hit the Enter key to launch it.
  • To uninstall a device, open the Device Manager window, choose the relevant category, locate the device you wish to update, right-click on its name, and select Uninstall Device from the menu that appears. If you want to update your graphics card, you can do so by expanding the Display adapters subcategory, selecting your current graphics card via right-clicking on it, and then choosing the Uninstall Device menu item.
  • Wait for the procedure to complete and confirm any dialogues that ask you to confirm your choice.
  • Go to the website of your graphics card manufacturer and use the installation instructions there to download the latest driver update for your card. Installing the software requires saving a file to your hard drive and then launching it. During the installation process, your computer may need to restart more than once, or the screen may flash a couple of times.

The game may not properly administer the newly installed driver, therefore if the following instructions did not deliver the desired effect, you may want to run a script to fix the problem. A.bat file is recommended for executing the script’s simple commands.

  • When you right-click the Desktop, the option to create a new text document will appear.  When pasting the following content into your document, be sure to keep the formatting exactly as it appears below; that is, make sure that each command begins on a new line.
if exist C:\Windows\System32\nvapi64.Old goto Old
chdir /d C:\Windows\System32
ren nvapi64.dll nvapi64.Old
taskkill /F /FI “IMAGENAME eq nvxdsync.exe”
echo @ Named
goto End  
:old chdir /d C:\Windows\System32
ren nvapi64.Old nvapi64.dll
echo @ Renamed
goto End
  • To save the file, go to the top menu bar and select File > Save as.  In the Save as type menu, select All files, and give the file a name like “command.bat.” The “.bat” extension is what really matters, not the name.
  • Right-click on the file you just saved, then select Run as administrator. If the game is still not working after you’ve waited a few seconds and restarted your computer, try again.

Overclocking is a Problem

By increasing the processor’s maximum frequency over the factory-recommended value, you are said to have “overclocked” the Card. While doing so can significantly improve your PC’s performance, extreme caution is required because entire systems have broken down and even caught fire.

As you may know, some CPU models are superior to others, and some were not designed to be overclocked at all. The tools you use to overclock your CPU or GPU will achieve success depending on the specific model of your CPU or GPU.

Depending on the overclocking software you used for the process, you can reset the changes if you made any to the Frequency of the CPU. There are downloadable apps for both Intel and AMD processors that allow for overclocking, but the manufacturers also sometimes include factory overclock settings that are activated when, say, a video game is being run. Run the game again to find out if the problem is resolved for you.


If you’re an NVIDIA user and you’ve encountered the frustrating DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG problem when attempting to play FIFA 23, you may want to try this easy repair, as it has benefited a significant number of users. Please read on to find out more.

  • To open the NVIDIA Control Panel, either right-click anywhere on your desktop and pick it from the menu that appears or double-click the NVIDIA icon that appears in your system’s notification tray. NVIDIA’s Control Panel can be found in the Settings menu as we usually do.
  • Use the “Adjust picture settings with preview” link found in the “3D settings” sub-menu on the left navigation pane. When the next page appears, select the radio button labeled “Use the advanced 3D image settings,” and then press the Apply button.  Next, head to the Program Settings tab by selecting Manage 3D settings in the left nav.
  • Make sure you include the executable file needed to run the game that is giving you trouble by clicking Add and navigating to it on your computer. To find that .exe file in the game that we were talking about earlier, simply right-click the Desktop shortcut and select Open file location to open the game directory.
  • If you know the location of the game’s installation, you can also access it manually and navigate there. By default, the installation will take place under C: Program Files. When prompted to “Select the preferred graphics processor for this program,” choose “High-performance NVIDIA CPU” from the list and hit Apply.
  • After the computer has restarted, check to see if the issue has been resolved.

Enter a Registry Key

Errors like DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG can be avoided in some situations by turning off TDR (Timeout Detection and Recovery), but you should still give the other solutions a shot first, as TDR can be useful in certain circumstances.

Since you’ll need to alter the registry to implement this solution, we suggest making a backup before making any changes.

To access the Registry Editor, type “regedit” into your Windows PC’s search bar, Start menu or Run dialogue box. In Registry Editor, use the left pane to find the following key:

HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\SYSTEM\ CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers

When the GraphicsDrivers key is highlighted in the address bar, right-click the empty space on the right side of the Registry Editor window and pick New >> DWORD (32-bit) value or QWORD (64-bit) value, respectively. A new key can be renamed by right-clicking on it and selecting the option.

Use “TdrLevel” as the key’s name. To make changes, right-click it again and select “Modify” from the menu that appears. Simply enter 0 in the value data field and select “Hexadecimal” as the base system. Select the OK option, then reboot the computer to verify if the issue has been resolved.

To see if the “Could not rejoin all network drives” message still remains after a restart, you should try to reconnect each drive individually.

Delete GeForce Experience

NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX graphics cards have a companion app called GeForce Experience. It optimizes your settings for you, makes sure your drivers are up to current, and lets you easily share your gameplay captures and recordings. But the application isn’t essential, and nothing relies on it working well. Users have also stated that removing GeForce Experience from the computer’s control panel or the game’s settings has resolved the issue.

  • A user can only delete the software from their computer if they are logged in as an administrator.
  • In order to access Control Panel, type “Control Panel” into the Start menu’s search bar. If you’re using Windows 10, you may also access Settings by clicking the gear icon.
  • To uninstall a program, go to the Control Panel, locate the Programs folder, and then select Uninstall a Program under the “View as:” menu on the top right.
  • If you go to the Windows 10 Settings app and then click on Apps, you should be taken to a list of all the programs you have on your computer.
  • Find “GeForce Experience” in the drop-down menu and select it. To remove a program, select it from the list, then click the Uninstall button and agree to any pop-ups that occur. To remove GeForce Experience, just follow the on-screen prompts and then restart your computer.

Turning off Steam Cloud Synchronization

Numerous users have attested to the efficacy of this technique, however the vast majority of these reports concern Call of Duty: WWII. The method may only work with that particular video game, but since trying it won’t hurt you, there’s no downside to giving it a shot except for missing out on Steam Cloud’s features.

  • To access your Steam library, launch the program by either double-clicking its icon on the desktop or searching for it on the start menu, and then select the library tab from the program’s main window.
  • Click the right mouse button on the FIFA 23, and then pick Properties from the following menu.
  •  To disable Steam Cloud Synchronization, open the Properties window and go to the Updates tab and untick the box next to the option. Please save your changes and close Steam for the time being.
  • Check if the DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG error persists after restarting your computer and starting FIFA 23.

Update Windows Version

Some players have even discovered that the issue has been resolved with the most recent Windows update. It happens most frequently to individuals who aren’t quite up to speed on their system, but it can affect anyone. Those using Windows 10 may have noticed that the updates happen almost on their own, as the operating system is constantly looking for updates. Nonetheless, you can always manually check for updates if you have reason to doubt the system’s reliability.

  • You may access the Windows Settings menu by pressing the Windows Logo key and the letter I at the same time. You may also access “Settings” by typing the word into the Start menu’s search bar, or by clicking the gear-shaped symbol.
  • Look for the “Update & security” menu item in the Settings app and select it.
  • Keep clicking the Check for updates button in Windows Update’s Update status area to see if a new version of Windows is available.
  • Whenever Windows detects an available update, it will begin downloading it, and once you restart, it will be applied.

It’s crucial to note that the automatic update process can be easily disabled, which you may have done voluntarily or involuntarily if you’re running a different version of Windows. It’s possible that the newest Windows updates can be installed with a single command, regardless of the version of Windows you’re using.

  • To launch PowerShell, right-click the Start button and select Windows PowerShell (Admin) from the following menu.
  • If PowerShell isn’t there and you see Command Prompt instead, you can always look for it in the Start menu or the search bar that appears there. Remember to right-click the top result and select “Run as administrator” this time around.
  • If you’re more familiar with Command Prompt, you may make Powershell feel more at home by typing “cmd” into the console and waiting for Powershell to switch to a window that looks like cmd.
  • When prompted, input the following command into the console and hit Enter:


  • After this program has run for at least an hour, you can check to see if any updates were detected and installed successfully. Every version of Windows from XP to 10 can use this technique.

As more information is available to us, we shall be updating this post, so be sure to check here again. That was all for this guide on how to fix FIFA 23 DXGI Error Device Hung. Please check out more FIFA error guides and walkthroughs by clicking here. Thanks for reading this article.

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