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Fix F1 2021 MyTeam Save Corrupted Bug

Fix F1 2021 MyTeam Save Corrupted Bug

F1 2021 releases tomorrow, but as you get ready for the new F1 title watch out for a bug that’s emerged in the Early Access of the game. Bugs are always frustrating, but some are more irritating than others. Besides game-breaking bugs, the most notorious is the one that corrupts the save running all your efforts. If you are lucky you get the bug when you have not progressed far. In the worst-case scenario, the bug would affect after much of the game has progressed.

Fix F1 2021 MyTeam Save Corrupted Bug

The F1 2021 MyTeam save corrupted bug is impacting some players including a popular YouTube Streamer Tom97. If you have got this bug or as you prepare for the game, you should know how to avoid the bug. Stick with the post and we will tell you everything there is to know.

F1 2021 – Can you Salvage Corrupted Save

At the time of writing, there is no official fix from Codemaster about the bug. Also, there isn’t enough evidence to suggest that it is a widespread issue or will affect the community at large. It may as well be an isolated issue with few players. But, there is no way to fix the save after F1 2021 MyTeam save corrupted bug.

However, an admin of the Codemaster forum has suggested not to edit the car livery in the Team HQ as it could lead to the corruption of the save. They have confirmed that Codemaster is working on a solution for the issue.

As for players whose saves are already corrupted, there does not seem to be a way to repair the corrupted file. Hopefully, we will hear more about the issue in the coming days. You can expect the bug to be patched in the upcoming patch after the release of the game or there may be a day-one patch.  

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