Fix F1 2021 Force Feedback Broken or Not Working

As we are inching closer to the release of F1 2021, it’s appearing that the game has more issues than initially anticipated. For one there is the save corrupted bug and now, users are reporting that the Force Feedback is broken. The Wheels work fine with the game, but for some reason, the FFB is missing. For a lot of players, the FFB existed when they initially booted up the game but has gone away mid-way suggesting it could be another bug with the game. Stick with the post to fix the F1 2021 Force Feedback not working bug.

How to Fix F1 2021 Force Feedback Bug

Force Feedback is an important feature of the wheel, it makes the driving feel real. Without it, you may as well use the controller to play the game. There is a complete section of Wheel settings dedicated to the Force Feedback in the game.

Fix F1 2021 Force Feedback Broken or Not Working

So, even before you start blaming the game, ensure that the Vibration and Force Feedback from the Wheel Settings is set to on. Ensure that the optimum Vibration and Force Feedback Strength is set. Anything between 110 and 120 is good. But, above that, the wheel may feel too heavy.

If the Force Feedback is still broken, then we suggest that you ensure you have the latest driver software for the wheel.

When you have the latest software, unplug the wheel, reboot the system, and plug it back in again. For some users, this solution would work. Try it and let us know in the comments. If it didn’t work, read further.

Here are some other solutions that have worked for other players.

  • Launch the game directly from the install folder. Go to Steamfolder > common > Steam apps > F1 2021 > F1_2021_dx12.exe. Double-click on the .exe file.
  • From the Setting, set the Wheel Saturation to 50.
  • Run the game with admin permission. Without the admin permission, the game may lack certain privileges.

The solution that has worked for most users to fix the F1 2021 Force Feedback not working bug is to update the driver software of your wheel. You can do it via the Control Panel of the wheel for example the Thrustmaster Control Panel. Another solution that worked for a lot of players is to simply reboot the system and the game. Also, unplugging and re-plugging works, but first, reboot the system.

That’s all we have in this guide, we will update this post when we know more about the issue. If you have a solution that worked for you, share them in the comments.   


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