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F1 2021 – How to Create and Edit Custom Logos or MyTeam Badge

F1 2021 - How to Create and Edit Custom Logos or MyTeam Badge

F1 2021 is just a day from its launch. Before you get started with the races, there are certain things you need to keep in mind and know. One of them is the Badges, these are custom logos that have two main purposes in the game. They act as the MyTeam Badge and as your profile image. So, knowing how to create and edit custom logos or MyTeam badge in F1 2021 from the get-go can come in handy. Stick with the post and we will show you how.

F1 2021 – How to Create and Edit a Badge

If you are in the game, go to the Pause Menu or simply to the Main Menu of the game. The Badge settings are located under the ‘Customization.’ Once you click on Badge, you will see the option ‘Create New,’ which allows you to create a new badge in the game. There is a range of options available that can help you differentiate your badge from others such as background, colors, emblems, and gradients.

F1 2021 - How to Create and Edit Custom Logos or MyTeam Badge

If you have not created any badge before, the only option you will see is the ‘Create New,’ however, if the badge is created, you will see it under the badge option, and you can select it to edit it.

How to Equip Badge as Profile Image

To equip the badge you have created as your profile image, you need to go to the Badge Pack and select it. You will see the Equip option. Click on it and the badge will become your profile image.

That’s all we have in this guide, hope you know how to create and edit a badge in F1 2021. Check out the game category for more info on the game.

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