Fix Evil Dead, The Game Error Code LS0013 | Launch Failed

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No game is without bugs, and Evil Dead, the Game is no exception. In this guide we will see if there is a possible fix for error code LS0013 in Evil Dead.

Fix Evil Dead, The Game Error Code LS0013 | Launch Failed

Most bugs will be resolved on their own or after a patch, but some of them are quite persistent. Here we will see how to fix error code LS0013 in Evil Dead, The Game.

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Players have been complaining about the error code LS0013 popping up at random during the game or while launching it. This makes them unable to log on or play the game at all. This is mostly prevalent for PC players, but there are a few things you can do to bypass the error code in Evil Dead. You can try to restart the game or your system first, then try to log in. If you still encounter the error, then you will need to verify your game files. Go to your Epic Games Launcher and click on the Library option to open up your games. Over there, find Evil Dead, The Game and hit the three dots next to it. You will find a verify option there, click on it and wait till the files have been verified. If you find a file is missing or corrupt, then you will have to reinstall the game from scratch.

If this doesn’t help as well, then you will have to delete the cache. For this, you will need to shut down the Epic Games Launcher by right clicking on its icon on the desktop and shutting it down. Next, use the Run command and type in %localappdata%. On the File Explorer window, go to the Epic Games Launcher folder > Saved Folder > Web Cache folder. Delete this folder, then restart your system. Launch Epic Games and try to play the game again.

Last, you can try to run the game as admin to see if it helps rectify the issue. You will need to navigate to the Epic Games Launcher .exe file by typing in the following path in the File Explorer’s path bar

Local Disk > Program Files (x86) > Epic Games > Launcher > Engine > Binaries > Win64 > EpicGamesLauncher.exe.

Right click on the .exe folder and select the option Properties > Compatibility > Setting > Enable Run as Admin. You will have to do the same for the Evil Dead The Game .exe file as well. You will have to find the file path and drive where the .exe game file is stored, then right click on the .exe file > properties > compatibility > enable run as admin.

If you find the admin boxes for both the launcher and the game is enabled already, try to disable them and then launch the game to see if it helps.

That’s all there is to know about the error code LS0013 in Evil Dead, The Game. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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