Fix CoD Modern Warfare 2 Xbox Users Haven’t Received Beta Code


The first weekend of the CoD Modern Warfare 2 Beta has ended, and now the second weekend has begun for PC and Xbox users. However, this time, PC and Xbox players had to wait to enjoy the new installment of the massively popular title. But from September 22, 10 am PT or 1 pm ET; they can access the game if they have pre-ordered or have an early access key.

Unfortunately, as soon as the Beta was released, many players started complaining that Modern Warfare 2 was crashing, didn’t start, and not launching.

In addition to these issues, many Xbox users are now reporting that they have not received the Beta code on their consoles. When they attempt to claim their Beta codes, they receive an error message: “You have already redeemed a code for Xbox.”

Players say – they redeemed the key through a few days back, and still, they did not receive any Beta code for Xbox to start downloading the game.

And because of this major issue, many players are now frustrated as they cannot enjoy the game.

Well, if you are also experiencing the same issue on your Xbox, thankfully, there is a possible workaround you can try to resolve the issue temporarily.

Potential Temporary Workaround

If you have the Xbox app on your smartphone and link it with your console, you will find the MW2 beta on the app, and you will be able to start downloading the game on your Xbox console. This is how you can pre-load the game until the devs fix the issue.

Unfortunately, the developers have not yet acknowledged or commented anything on this matter at the time of writing this post. Hopefully, they will resolve the issue as early as possible as many players worldwide are reporting on it. Meanwhile, you can try the above method to fix the issue.

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