Final Fantasy XIV – How to Unlock the Suzusaurus Minion

 Final Fantasy XIV – How to Unlock the Suzusaurus Minion

Final Fantasy XIV’s 6.3 patch update has introduced various new minions, and you can use them to show off to your friends. One of the minions you can now get is the Suzusaurus minion, which resembles a tiny Plesiosaur, and it will float around you and follow you wherever you go. In this guide, we will see how to unlock the Suzusaurus minion in Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV – How to Unlock the Suzusaurus Minion

You can now have a tiny dinosaur-looking minion follow you around. Here we will see how to unlock the Suzusaurus Minion in Final Fantasy XIV.

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You can find the Suzusaurus minion during the Subaquatic Voyages, but the depth you have to go to is unknown. While trying to forage for treasures in the depths of the ocean, you might have a chance to bump into the minion. If you have not embarked on a Subaquatic Voyage, you need to craft a submersible first, and you can do so by obtaining the recipe for it. You can get the recipe from the Company Workshop’s schematic board. Once you get the recipe, get the required items and check the company crafting log to start crafting.


You should note that you must have the Free Company House before you can take up the subaquatic voyages. The house can be of any size, and this will not affect the crafting or exploration process. After registering the submersible and undertaking voyages, you can unlock more areas underwater as you progress deeper and deeper. To get the minion, it is recommended that you have a submersible that is at least level 50 and higher.

If you cannot wait to get it, you can always check the market board, but it will cost you several million gils.

That’s all there is to know about getting the Suzusaurus Minion in FFXIV. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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