Final Fantasy XIV – How to Get the Mama Automaton Minion

 Final Fantasy XIV – How to Get the Mama Automaton Minion

Final Fantasy’s 6.3 updates brought plenty of new minions for players to buy or find, and you can use these little critters for vanity purposes. NieR Reincarnation fans would be familiar with Mama, a guide and companion of the Girl of Light. You can have your personalized guide in FFXIV, as you can now own the Mama Automaton in the game. In this guide, we will see how to get this minion in FFXIV.

Final Fantasy XIV – How to Get the Mama Automaton Minion

You can easily get this minion if you have some MGP to spare. Here we will see how to get the Mama Automaton minion in FFXIV.

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The Mama Automaton minion is the latest prize to be added to The Gold Saucer’s list of rewards. The Gold Saucer is a casino in FFXIV, and if you participate in the events there, you can earn MGP, which is the casino’s currency to purchase items. To get more MGP, you should participate in the weekly Fashion Report and check the Challenge Log to find more Gold Saucer challenges. Completing them will give you a handful of MGP, which you can use to purchase the Mama Automaton minion. If those are too difficult for you, you can also participate in the mini-games and earn MGP.

You will need 30K MGP to purchase the minion, which you can easily get by doing the above activities a couple of times. Once you do, you just have to head over to the Prize Claim counter and select Prize Claim III to get yourself your ghostly guide minion.

That’s all there is to know about getting the Mama Automaton minion in FFXIV. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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