Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3 Is Now Live, Alliance Raid Continues

 Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3 Is Now Live, Alliance Raid Continues

Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG which relaunched in 2013 to replace the 2010 version of the game. With online multiplayer modes and support for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and macOS, the game received positive reviews for turning the project around. There are regular updates for the game from time to time, and we have reached another patch. Patch 6.3 of Final Fantasy XIV is finally live, and players will be able to download the update and play the game. 

Patch 6.3 is Out for Final Fantasy XIV, Continues Myths of the Realm Storyline

The new patch “Festival of the Heavens, Rumbling of the Earth” that players have been waiting for is finally here. Usually, the updates bring tons of new playable content for the fans of Final Fantasy XIV, so they are quite interesting. In the new one, players will be able to continue with the Myths of the Realm storyline as well as take on 24-man Alliance Raids.

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There are some new quests of the Island Sanctuary where you can decorate and customize your island as you wish. With the help of the new Raids, players will be able to grind for better armor each week.

The patch notes for this update include new trails, a new Crystalline Conflict arena, as well as new custom deliveries (Anden). The Crystalline Conflict arena will have trick floors and trick doors which can launch players into the air, and teleport them to other doors.

Some features will be implemented later, such as the Omega Protocol (Ultimate), a new deep dungeon (Eureka Orthos), Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures sidequests, Manderville weapon quests, tool enhancement quests (Splendorous Tools), and Loporrit tribal quests.

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