Empire of Sin – How to Increase Loyalty

Loyalty is an important component of the Empire of Sin mechanics, but difficult to maintain as it conflicts with other interests in the game. Just like other stats, you also need to watch the Loyalty and ensure that does not go down too much or your dominion can be in jeopardy. When you recruit a new crew member they come with a loyalty stat that needs to be maintained. Stick around with us and we will tell you all about how to increase Loyalty in Empire of Sin.

How to Increase Loyalty in Empire of Sin

To increase Loyalty in Empire of Sin, you have to keep a crew member employed for a month’s duration. If a crew member you recruit stays with you for a long duration, the Loyalty increases +8 every month. You can check the loyalty stat under the Loyalty Morale section.

You can get more Loyalty when a character is assigned an additional role such as an Advisor. But, before you can assign additional roles, you need to increase the Notoriety. It is required that the crew member has 250 notoriety and high persuasion in order for them to take on additional role.

Remuneration or salary of the member on time also increases their loyalty. So, play everyone on your crew on time to increase their loyalty. Kicking someone out of the crew or firing them takes a hit on the loyalty. You lose -250 loyalty every time a crew member is fired. But, sometimes you may not have any other option than to fire a member.

There are situations in the game when two people can have conflict and you cannot have them both, in such a case you need to fire one. Other times there are relationship issues between the new crew member you want to hire and an existing member. In such a case, you will have to fire the existing member to hire new.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you keep a watch between the co-operations of crew members so there are no conflicts that could be harming the loyalty. When you attack the rival crew that has or had employed a relative or loved one of your crew and harming that member can decrease the loyalty.

Therefore, there are things you can do in the game to increase loyalty and things you need not do to decrease them. A perfect balance would ensure the optimal loyalty of your crew.            

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