Empire of Sin – How to Increase Notoriety

Loyalty, Diplomacy, Bribery, and Notoriety are few of the essential components of the game that the player needs to watch throughout the game. In this guide, we will focus on Notoriety. The Notoriety represents your character’s rise to power in the criminal underworld. As you increase your Notoriety, you will gain nifty effects and increase your rank in the game. So, stick around and we will show you how to increase Notoriety in Empire of Sin.

How to Increase Notoriety in Empire of Sin

You can increase the Notoriety in Empire of Sin by killing the members of other gangs or their entire faction. You can annihilate an entire faction by attacking their safe house when you are at war with them and finish off the boss. When the boss is dead, the faction is destroyed. By killing few gang members you will increase the Notoriety slowly, but by killing the boss, you will see a significant increase in Notoriety.  

What are the Benefits of Increasing Notoriety in Empire of Sin?

There are several benefits of increasing the Notoriety in Empire of Sin. These are the benefits:

  • Recruit characters with high notoriety requirement – You will be able to recruit characters that have high notoriety requirement, but the characters tend to be expensive. These characters require levelling up, which can be a tough decision if your existing crewmembers already have the skills you require.
  • Assign additional roles – Once your notoriety has increased, you will be able to assign additional roles like mole, underboss, and advisor to existing crew members.
  • Grow your hassle – You can upgrade the businesses and rackets you run with increased notoriety.

The caveat of increased Notoriety is that it has a negative impact on Diplomacy as cops and rival gangs will start to see you as a threat.

That’s all we have in this guide, check out the game category for more insights and if you are facing Black Screen in Empire of Sin.  

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