Fix Empire of Sin Black Screen, White Screen, and Crashing

Empire of Sin is the latest title from Paradox Games, the developer behind Crusader Kings series. With mixed review, the game looks decent. However, a lot of players who jumped to play the game have been complaining of the Empire of Sin black screen, white screen, and crashing. Some players are seeing the black screen and nothing happens, while other can hear the game’s sound with the black screen. For others, the game simply refuses to start and crashes on startup.

There are a several reasons why the game may be failing to launch and you are seeing the black or white screen, the primary culprit is an outdated graphics card driver. If you have not updated the graphics card driver, it’s important that you do so.

Scroll down as we have a quick fix for your problem.

Fix Empire of Sin Black Screen, White Screen, and Crashing

Before you proceed with the solutions, the first thing you should do to fix the Empire of Sin crashing on startup or the black screen is to update the graphics card driver.

Once the GPU driver is updated, the next possible cause could be a third-party software interfering with the game’s process. So, disable everything except the game and essential windows operations. You can follow the below steps.

  1. Press Windows Key + R and type msconfig, hit Enter
  2. Go to the Services tab
  3. Check Hide all Microsoft services
  4. Now, click Disable all
  5. Go to the Startup tab and click on Open Task Manager
  6. Disable one task at a time and restart the system.

If the black screen still does not go away, Alt + Tab out of the game and reopen the game. Another cause of black screen and resolution problems is the Fullscreen mode. Try disabling it from the menu if you have access to the menu.

Finally, if nothing has worked, try lowering the graphics settings of the game. We hope the above solutions have resolved the Mafia Definitive edition black screen problem. If you have a better solution let us know in comments.

Try to force the game to run in Windowed mode. Here are the steps.

  1. Launch the Steam client
  2. Go to Libraries and locate Empire of Sin. Right-click on the game and select Properties
  3. Click on the General tab and click on SET LAUNCH OPTIONS
  4. In the field type or paste -windowed –noborder
  5. Press Ok and exit

If nothing has worked, the only solution that remain is to send a bug report in the Paradox Forum. We will update this post, when we learn more about the error and possible solutions.

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