Dr Disrespect Returns to Warzone Tournaments

Post the Twitch ban of Dr Disrespect, he has not been a part of the Warzone Tournaments. Since then, he’s moved his channel to YouTube. While there was no specific Warzone ban on him he was not allowed to partake in the $100K Warzone tournament, it could be the effect of the Twitch ban. Warzone tournaments are a big deal for Dr Disrespect and missing out on the tournaments would have impacted him. But, that’s in the past, we have reports that Dr Disrespect will return to Warzone tournaments.

In a live stream, a viewer raised the issue of the two-time winner not being able to be a part of the tournament. In response, Dr Disrespect said, “Well, We’re allowed To Compete. Flip Phone Rang The Other Day, Good News: We Can Compete In Warzone Tournaments Again. Why Did They Even Not Let You Do It? I Don’t Know Man. I Mean, I Designed Like Half the Maps for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare! But I Don’t Really Like To Talk About Myself. I Don’t Wanna Get Into It.”

Dr Disrespect is a big name when we talk about Warzone and he has been missed by fans. It’s been quite some time since we have seen the streamer particulate in live matches.

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