Best Cookie Tier List Cookie Run: Ovenbreak 2023

Antara B
Antara B

Cookie Run: Ovenbreak is a mobile game with lots of game modes that will allow players to play the game endlessly. This game features a wide number of Cookies and pets. These Pets help the players in difficult situations during your adventure, but they are not available by default. Players need to unlock them through some unique challenges. This guide will help you know the best and worst cookies in the Cookie Run: Ovenbreak.

The game feature more than 200 Cookies, and players can play as cookies in this game. Though more than two hundred Cookies are available in the game, all are not equally good. Based on their performance, these cookies can be divided into five tiers. We have added only a few of the cookies to the list that are better than the rest.

S Tier Cookies

These are the best cookies that players can play as in the game. Spinach Cookie and Wind Archer Cookie are the best choices for this group. This tier includes-

  1. Spinach Cookie
  2. Wind Archer Cookie
  3. Marshmallow Cookie
  4. Lime Cookie
  5. Moonlight Cookie
  6. Sea Fairy Cookie
  7. Peppermint Cookie
  8. Blackberry Cookie
  9. Dark Choco Cookie
  10. Peach Cookie

A Tier Cookies

These are also one of the best cookies in the game. They are almost equally good as the S-tier Cookies. This tier includes-

  1. Plum Cookie
  2. Sorbet Shark Cookie
  3. Raspberry Cookie
  4. White Choco Cookie
  5. Roguefort Cookie
  6. Herb Cookie
  7. Purple Yam Cookie
  8. Snow Sugar Cookie
  9. Soda Cookie
  10. Cocoa Cookie

B Tier Cookies

This tier cookies are average cookies. Gumball Cookie and Fig Cookie are the best in this tier. This tier includes-

  1. Fig Cookie
  2. Gumball Cookie
  3. Space Doughnut
  4. Dr. Wasabi Cookie
  5. Fire Spirit Cookie
  6. Avocado Cookie
  7. Captain Ice Cookie
  8. GingerBrave Cookie
  9. Lemon Cookie
  10. Kumiho Cookie

C Tier Cookies

These are also average cookies but not as good as the B- Tier Cookies. This tier includes-

  1. Alchemist Cookie
  2. Moon Rabbit Cookie
  3. Ninja Cookie
  4. Earl Grey Cookie
  5. Licorice Cookie
  6. Lobster Cookie
  7. Onion Cookie
  8. Cookiedroid
  9. Firecracker Cookie
  10. Shining Glitter Cookie

D-Tier Cookies

These are the last-tier cookies that are below the average level cookies. There are lots of better cookies available in the game, so players don’t need to play as these cookies. This tier includes-

  1. Carol Cookie
  2. Popcorn Cookie
  3. Muscle Cookie
  4. Yoga Cookie
  5. Skater cookie
  6. Ion Cookie Robot
  7. Pistachio Cookie
  8. Zombie Cookie
  9. Princess Cookie
  10. Angel Cookie

These are the Cookie tier-list for the Cookie Run: Ovenbreak. Check out our tier-list guide for the necessary information if you also want to know the best cookies to choose from.

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